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Chapter 37 part1

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“During the Christmas season, everyone is requesting cleaning services. Will December be in shambles this year?”

He joked but the happy emotion disappeared from his face pretty quickly….


“Okay, my morning duties is over. I’ll have lunch and come back at noon. After that, I will drop you at your place and then head to work at night.”

“”Yes sir…””


Two of the employees are responding unwillingly, well they still have some time to spare but its pretty tight.

Till now, even when I was busy, I would go around at most two sites a day, and it will take three hours for each site.

But for the last few days, three places is a norm. The worst is four places.

I usually start working from morning till four o’clock after midnight.

My body is at its limit. Even though I started with a keen mind to never quit, but the desire to do so is gushing up everyday.

I think people who go to work every day as matter of course are really great. They may not have noticed but for me who doesn’t do work everyday, its a matter of great respect.

I think, the working people who are funtioning members of society should be praised more.

My medicine to cure this breakdown usually is to watch the villagers on my smartphone.

The villagers are working hard today as well.

Carol is doing everything she can with her small reach.

Laila supports the village as the housekeeper and her husband acts as the heart of the village.

Even though there are things Rodis can’t handle, he cares for everyone.

And aside from being a brocon, Chem is an ideal priest and is good for support.

Originally, a native of the Forbidden Forest and an archer as well as a knowledgeable pharmacist, Murus.

And finally Kan and Ran, a couple with good craftsman skills.

Just looking at their daily life gives me energy and motivation.I can’t lose as the God of Fate.

I look at the smartphone while grinning in the car. I suddenly feel someones gaze and raise my face.

Yamamoto in the seat next to me was staring at me.

“What happened?”

“Is that a game you’ve been into recently?”

Ah, did he see that?

Ah, no, unless it spread on the net, it should be fine. My sister also knows up to some extent.

I can’t know whether he will spread it online. Should I deceive him?

“Yeah. Just before I start working I joined the beta test, so don’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, I’m not good at talking to people, I’m not doing it. I want to collect information on the internet about my game, but no one has written about it.”

Is this the flow where he wants to talk about his game?

Let’s see if I can divert the topic.

“Recently, leaking information about pre-sale games seems to be a litigation issue. If you do it poorly, you will end up paying millions and tens of millions.”

– ‘So

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