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Chapter 39 part1

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“Three more days …”

I think about the Temptation of the Evil God while cleaning the hallway of the multi-storey building.

Taking the last time into consideration, the waves start at noon and stop in the evening.

Either way I know when they will start appearing and when the will stop so its easier this time.

In terms of strength, now we have Murus. Kan, Ran including the Gams from before. According to calculations, the numbers have multiplied by four. We should be able to survive even if the difficulty level increases.

“Hey, do your work properly!”

I hear the Presidents angry voice from behind.

Did I neglected something while thinking about these things?

“I’m sorry.”

Mr Yamamoto bows down ahead of me and apologizes.

So it wasn’t directed at me?

There was a lot of soil near the foot of Mr. Yamamoto even though this is a multistory building. He is being scolded by the president

A plant pot was lying nearby. It probably fell during the cleaning job.

“Yama, what happened? Recently, you are always feeling sleep. If you are sice then you can take rest?”

“Well, it’s okay. I’m just a little sleepy. And I needed money …”

There was no strength in his reply to the President.

The President is correct. He is always anxious. He never takes nap during the break or when we are traveling. He is always playing game on his smart phone with an immersed expression.

He used to talk to me during the breaks but now is always immersed in the game.

On my way home, I bought drinks at the usual convenience store. I coudnt help but think about Mr. Yamamoto.

This didnt happen only today but since past few days.

Its the same for me. I am also addicted to the game but not as much as him. I am seen him operating his smart phone desperately many times.

I was told about the reason for the addiction few days ago.

“Its absolutely secret.”

I was honestly surprised of the content which he told me.

“I get reward for the game which I’m playing. You get points when you defeat a base and eventually you can convert the points into cash.”

“Oh, thats a joke. I’ve never heard of such a game.”

While talking about the game during the break, Mr Yamamoto told me something weird. A system for player to make money in a game.

“I know thats unbelievable.”

Really? It is a ridiculous system.

I would like to say that there is no such game but Village of Fate is also quite different to a common game. Comparatively, the game which Mr.Yamamoto is playing makes more sense.

“That’s not a small game. Its an online game so there are other player. One I dropped by a big village and other players attacked me. I was lucky that they easily got exhausted. I lost a lot.”

There was siege battle system in one of the games which I have played but it was almost impossible for the weak g

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