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Chapter 23 (1/2): Reunion And ProudMe

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (unedited)

[Star Bonus Event]

This is an announcement for the event that we have been waiting for. There is golden combination of sweets and plastic bottles lying on my desk.

I also brought some fruits revived from the Village of Fate. If I eat the same thing which the villagers eat, it makes me feel a sense of unity.

I have already gone to the toilet, so even if it’s a long battle, I can still stay with the villagers.

The next day after the Temptation of Evil God. The villagers actively scouted the surroundings so more part of the map is visible to me around the village base.

Let’s scout the surroundings map again.

There are log fences in front of the cave to prevents the monsters from entering. They are reliable and played a major role in the last attack.

The inside of the log fence is currently filled with only logs but eventually they plan to build a field there. The space is reserved for that.

The trees which were close to the fence were cut down. As the area around was cleared, so more visibility was secured.

From the start, there were very few trees near the cave and ground was already leveled, thanks to the previous dwarves. It is a good place but around it there is a sense forest where even sunlight cannot penetrate.

There were relatively fewer trees in the front of the cave and there was a small pathway for people to pass.

There is a huge river 3 minutes away from the save on foot. There used to be a bridge there in the past but now only it’s ruins and debris was left.

The wagon of the villagers has travelled from the south so it is visible on the map to some extent but the northern side from where the monsters approached, it is still not quite visible.

“Now from which direction will the event occur?”

I thought that I could expect some developments and plan ahead but I gave now because there wasn’t any hint of the event.

Since the villagers do not have a clock, it would be meaningless to specify time on the oracle so the villagers have not settled down since morning.

I think I should have told them a more concise period something like just before noon. O am really sorry.

“It’s quite for now but I need to be cautious.”

All villagers are waiting inside the fence just in case of some problem. Gams was on the lookout of the surroundings.

I have expanded the map to the maximum. I am watching it carefully. Huh there was some change?

Did something move in the forest?

I zoomed at the point. There was one person walking towards the cave base.

The person who walked through the forest into a place with a good view had a very familiar face. He is handsome and carries a bow on his back.

“Why has Murus reappeared?”

This was a development which I hadn’t expected, it was someone whom we needed desperately so I was really surprised.

Gams confirmed the appearance of Mur

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