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Chapter 26 (2/2):Victory

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (unedited)

Only the Monocular Red demon was left in the rain but I haven’t noticed any changes.

He was raising his stick as usual but then everyone’s vision is filled with a sudden light.

The thunder echo penetrates the ear drum followed by the light.



Monocular Red demon screams.

The situation was that the weather operation was changed to “Thunderstorm” from”Heavy Rain” so the lightning was more likely to occur. The highly lifted stick acted as conductor and the lightning hit there.

Although smoke seems to be coming out of his body, unbelievably he is till alive…

“Why don’t you just die by the lightning strike. It’s too unexpected but….”

Murus doesn’t miss the perfect opportunity.

His whole body was paining while standing so it was screaming with its mouth open. The arrow is aimed at it’s mouth and is released.

The arrow was poisoned and the mission would have ended it entered his big mouth.

At that moment, being convinced of it’s victory a huge hand appeared and blocked the arrow.

The eyelid which had been closed until now has slightly opened.

The end of his mouth hangs up a smile as if mocking us.

“You have been played.”

Just before the arrow hit the opponents hand, a object separated from the arrow.

It was a small statue of God of Fate, holding a small bottle of poison.

It jumped over it’s huge hand and slightly mixed at it’s back and jumped into the mouth with the bottle. [1]

It tries to hurry up and close it’s mouth but it was too late.

I operated the statue using the gamepad to break the poison bottle.

The body of the Red Demon greatly shook at once. It fell on his knees while holding down his throat in pain and slowly leaned over to the ground and then no longer moves.

“Ooooooooooo good. It went well.”

I threw the gamepad and made a big guts pose.

Although there were a lot of instruction but we managed it somehow.

Here it is what I told them in the oracle.

“Soon there will be thunderstorm only around the Red demon followed by a lightning strike. When it screams and opens it mouth shoot an arrow. Rather than poisoning the arrow and aiming it towards it’s mouth, instead attach the small wooden carved statue to the arrow and provide it with a very small poison bottle.”

As my focus was on the speed, the dignity of God has been lost but I couldn’t have afford to care about it.

Immediately after activating the oracle, I activated the Golem Manipulation.

In the past, a question came to my mind when the statue carved by Gams was operated as a Golem. I wondered if it can be manipulated as long as it is the image of God of Fate.

I remembered the statue given by Carol to Gams as a talisman and turns out that I was right.

There is a superstition that thunder falls on metal objects but it’s a myth. Lightning is likely to fall on high altitude

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