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Chapter 26 (1/2): TheFight


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Gams squeezes out the sword from the other side of the opponent.

The Monocular Red Demon glances around and rubs it stick annoyingly.

At that moment the heavy rain broke into and then dull crashing sound was heard. Gams flew backwards as if sliding on the rainwater.


I became anxious seeing Gams being knocked out in one blow, but it seems he is still fine. My facial has become distorted and the shock still remains. Gams knee is badly damaged.

The Monocular Red Demon did not remove his eye sight from where Gams has collapsed, although technically he is still not down.


Chen screams at the top of her lungs. Murus immediately takes action

He shots multiple arrows but they are stopped by his slight wave of the Red demons hand and even if they managed to reach him, they just fall down after hitting his hard skin.

The momentum of the arrows is not weak. Murus has a record of killing multiple monsters with a single shot.

Gams seemed to have stood up while the Red demon was distracted with the arrows. I can’t help but feel the overwhelming difference in power.

Right now…I am really hesitant to fight with the Red demon.

It just always points his stick to the sky and then swing it down with tremendous speed while seeing that Gams desperately tries to avoid it.

This one-pattern attack has repeated over and over again. Is it trying to kill some insect? [1]

Gams us also trying to attack but he can’t make it to him due to his giant body and the stick.

If you are forcibly approach it then you will be blown away.

The Red demon is not an ordinary monster. Even if it’s powerful….even if ordinary arrows can not damage him. I can still use the position arrows. Will it be able to penetrate the tough skin? And in addition this heavy rain?”

I was relived to hear the words which Murus said while biting his lips.

It’s true that Murus is a pharmacist and is familiar with poisons.

If he is stabbed with a spear with poisoned tip then there may be a chance. However, it is possible that this rain will wash out the poison.

Then how about stopping the rain? Because of the rain the movement of Gams is restricted due to the wet mud on the ground.

However, thanks to the heavy rain, the monsters visibility was restricted and they were able to easily infiltrate. Even if I stop the rain, the ground won’t immediately dry up.

I think I should use the oracle and ask them to run away….but wouldn’t it be more dangerous to run away in this situation?

If you loosen your attack and show your back even for a moment. I don’t think it’s going to be safe.

Rather it would be not wonder if they are defated at that moment.

” What to do…What to do. There is no time to spare. Think! Think! What can you do. What can you do. “

When I was at the base, there was the emergency measure Golem Summon

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