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C68: Epilogue Volume 3

When the darkness cleared, I found myself on a bench. I looked around and saw a familiar sight. Beyond the large glass window was a huge ferry. Many people were coming and going in the lobby, which looked like a waiting room. I could smell the scent of the sea in my nose. I checked the electronic bulletin board to see what time the ferry to Hokkaido would be departing.

“It’s not Hokkaido, it’s my hometown.”

On the seat next to me was the bag I had taken with me on my trip to Hokkaido. I put my hand into the pocket of my coat and found my phone there. I checked the time and date, and it was February 1st. In other words, I had just returned here from Hokkaido after the [Temptation of the Evil God] was over.

Next to my travel bag, I found a paper bag filled with souvenirs from Hokkaido. I don’t remember buying it, but God must have been very thoughtful to give it to me. The past month or so had been like a dream. The village that I thought was a game was real, and we lived together there. If I told this to anyone else, they would question my sanity.

But it’s true. When I turned on the “Village of Destiny” app on my phone, the villagers were restoring the fences of the village, which had been torn apart by the attack. The statues seemed to have been transported from the outside of the village to the inside. They may be in disbelief that I’m gone, so I’ll have to tell them later in the oracle.

Our life together is over, but we can meet again in the game like this. I haven’t broken the connection with them yet. The stone statue has been replaced with a wooden one, and a new altar has been built. The villagers are taking a break from their work to place tributes on the altar.

They used to send me tributes when I was in the village, so I asked them to send me and my family whatever they wanted, as long as it wasn’t too much. I wondered what they would send me today. I smiled as I watched the scene of the villagers arranging the fruits on the altar and everyone praying together. Just before the tribute disappeared with a light as usual – it looked as if something had bounced off the tribute. When the light disappeared, the fruits were scattered on the ground and there was nothing on the altar.

“What the hell was that? Hey, don’t pull that.”

A lizard is sitting on the seat next to me, tugging at my clothes. He’s hungry again…….

“Oh, oh, you…….”

I’m sure that Destiny, who is still in the other world, is looking up at me. Was he the one who pushed away the tribute earlier? Didn’t God say something about making it impossible to send humans? No, wait……. he was a lizard.

“You’re here. I can’t help it…….Nice to see you again, buddy.”

I reached out to him and he grabbed my fingers firmly. The reality may be more unreasonable than the other world. I might have to face another life threatening situation, or encounter something that makes me want to stay indoors again. There may come a day

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