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C61: My position in the village and my advice

There are several ways to secure your place in another world. Show off your strength or use your knowledge of modern Japan to provide a better life. Since I started playing “The Village of Destiny”, I’ve read many reference books. I took advantage of free submission sites and read mainly works in which Japanese people are active after going to another world.

There were several patterns established there, and the most common were those two patterns. First of all, as for strength, let’s give up on that. It’s not that I’m physically stronger or have special abilities. What am I supposed to do against a monster with a body that is no different from the one I had in Japan?

Next, I’m going to show off my modern knowledge, but I’ve already passed on the knowledge that I could use to the oracle. However, the local villagers were more knowledgeable about wood processing and daily life, so I couldn’t be of much use to them.

“I’m stuck.”

I couldn’t help muttering to myself, but it was too early to give up. In the reference books, there was a section about being evaluated for entertaining with food. Using this as a model, I tried a few dishes at home that I could make with the ingredients sent from the “Village of Destiny. As a result of repeated trial and error, I discovered that a certain seasoning would make the dish extremely tasty.

Carol brought it with her to Hokkaido as one of her souvenirs when she returned to the village. When I returned to my tent and opened my bag, I found a huge commercial size can of Chinese seasoning. It contains the flavor of chicken and pork, and can be dissolved in hot water to make Chinese soup, or added to other Chinese dishes to recreate the taste of a restaurant.

“If I don’t have enough power, I can always rely on products!”

……I feel sorry for myself, but I don’t care. I’m going to visit the cooking area with the red can in my hand.

“If you’re still in the middle of cooking, do you mind if I make one dish as well?”

When I spoke to Chem, who was preparing the food, she had a complicated expression on her face, a mixture of dismay and surprise.

“The, uh, the squire cooks?”

“Yes. I brought some special seasoning from the Kingdom of God.”

When I showed them the can, the villagers in charge of cooking looked at it with great interest. Still, they seemed uneasy about leaving the cooking to me, and didn’t give me a good answer.

“To have the squire go that far is……”

“Wow, Yoshio’s going to make me dinner againit’s so delicious, I’m looking forward to it!”

Carol, who interrupted the conversation, is running around me, expressing her joy. Seeing this, Chem and the others kept their mouths shut and stared at the red can. Nice assist, Carol!

“The rice seems to be almost cooked, so I’ll use this and the meat.”

Don’t wait for the other person’s opinion and start working quickly. In this kind of situation, it is quick

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