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Chapter 71: My sister who works and I who used to not work

“Oh, that’s it! Why do you have a picture of that?”

My sister looks at my phone and rolls her eyes.

“This company was the site we went to for today’s cleanup. I had to take pictures before and after the cleanup to confirm the placement of the items we moved.”

“Wow, that’s quite a coincidence. Did you meet the boss I heard so much about?”

“I was greeted by him, but he seemed a bit strange and nice. Just……”

I’m still stuck on the frightened look of that employee.

“No, I didn’t have a bad image of you.”

“Oh, yeah. I don’t like that guy; he’s like a picture of a conscious person. It was painful to talk to him.”

My sister hugged her shoulders and shivered. She seems to be seriously uncomfortable with it.

“Oh, yeah. ……. Huh? You’re business rivals, but you’ve met before?”

“Only once. It seems that the company has grown by pulling talented employees from rival companies, and they even approached me. I feel sick just thinking about it.”

It’s rare that my sister hates someone so much. But pulling her out, I admire the fact that he saw that his sister was talented, but I suspect that he had another goal in mind when he targeted her, as she was young and good looking…….

“What’s the company’s image?”

“Hmm, I heard that they are an excellent company, but I also heard some bad rumors in the industry. They seem to be doing a lot of different things, and when they enter a new industry, they always succeed by pulling out the best employees.”

“The same goes for Sassetsu, does it pay well to pull people out?”

It’s a world I have no experience in, so I can’t really imagine it, but I wonder if it’s that easy to attract good employees. With my poor imagination, I can only think of ways to tempt them with money.

“The salary was pretty good; though not double my current salary. They were talking about two days off a week and no problems with pay, but……it was all a bit shady.”

My sister has a good eye for people, doesn’t she? The stalker even said that he had a hard time with her from the first time he met her at school. I don’t know if it’s her keen intuition or her powers of observation.

“Also, two people from my company suddenly resigned, and when I asked them about it, it seems like they were taken over by them.”

“So you’ve been pretty busy lately.”

“I’m desperate to fill in the gaps! I don’t mean to blame them for changing jobs, but if they had told me in advance, I could have easily followed up. I thought they wouldn’t be so irresponsible, I’m disappointed.”

Her cheeks were puffed out in anger, but her childish face made her look like a sulking child. In the past, I would have comforted her by patting her head, but if I did that now, she would probably get angry. She may look young, but she’s already over 20 years old.

“I see. You’re working hard, Sayuki.”

“Yes, I am. I’m doing my best, so…”

I reply to my s

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