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C62: The approaching day and me there

Lately, there is something strange going on in the village. The expression on the faces of the villagers is not relaxed, and the atmosphere is tense. I’ve been summoned to the biggest tent in the center of the village, where there is supposed to be a discussion.

When I enter the tent, all the villagers have already gathered, and in the center of the tent, the four initial members and Murus are sitting around a desk. The other villagers and Carol were sitting by the wall, apparently in a position to listen in. The five of them and I will basically be the ones to discuss it.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Yoshio-sama.”

I stand by the desk as Chem calls out to me. There is a large piece of paper on the desk with a map of the area on it.

“It seems that everyone has gathered, so let us begin.”

Is Lodis going to be the moderator?

“Today’s agenda is about the “Temptation of the Evil God”, which is coming up in three days.”

This is the third “Temptation of the Evil God” since I started playing “Village of Destiny. That day is getting closer and closer. Up until now, I’ve just been sitting in front of my computer and watching, but who would have thought that the day would come when I would be participating in the flesh? I’m trying to keep a calm and relaxed smile on my face as everyone in the room looks at me……. In reality, I was struggling to control my heartbeat and my footing was sluggish.

It’s partly because I’m not used to being the center of attention, but more so because of the threat of three days from now. Both the first and second attacks were not easy. I don’t have to tell you that the second one was especially devastating. The sense of danger and fear that I felt even through the screen, this time, I was going to experience it for real.

……scary. I was worried for my life when I talked to the stalker and Mr. Yamamoto. But the actual fear of monsters is nothing compared to that.

Once, I accompanied a member of the team in a fight against a monster, and I was able to watch the fight from close up, but the atmosphere of a real fight was far beyond my imagination. The tension was suffocating. The smell of blood, thick with iron, was worse than the splattering of bright blood.

I thought I might be able to help with a weapon in my hand, but I was too busy standing there, completely cowed. There would be more monsters attacking us than that. Just thinking about it makes me shrivel up.

“……Yoshio-sama, do you have any suggestions for us?”

When Lodis asked me a question, I panicked. I was trying so hard to stay calm that I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. Calm down, calm down. I’m still a follower of the God of Fate.

“I’m sorry. I was concentrating on the possibility of communicating with God right now, and I missed the conversation.”

If this were Japan, I would be a dangerous person, but here I am not even suspected.

“What about God?”

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