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C60: Reconstruction work and me working as hard as I can

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My first night in this village ended as I heard the sound of bells ringing. I slept well last night without dreaming, so waking up was not bad. I felt both hopeful and anxious that I would be back in Hokkaido when I woke up, but all I could see was the inside of the tent.

“I thought it was a dream.”

I heard a movement next to me, so I turned my head and saw Destiny peeking out from under the blanket. This is a very unsexy development.

“Hey, everybody, breakfast is ready!”

The village is still in the process of development, so Lodis is in charge of all the food and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone in the dining hall. The ringing of the bell earlier was a signal that breakfast was ready. The bells didn’t exist back when I was watching, so they must have been bought or given from Doldold.

“Breakfast. You want to come with me?”

Destiny was rubbing his eyes sleepily, but he climbed up from my legs onto my shoulders. Then, with a huge yawn, he threw his whole body on my shoulder and laid down on his back.

“You want me to carry you?”

I was slightly annoyed that he raised his right paw lightly and waved it. Carol said that Destiny is recognized by the villagers as the servant of the squire, and yesterday he seemed to be satisfied with the food tribute.

You were born in this world, but you grew up in Japan, so let’s get along, even if we don’t know anyone. I patted the head of Destiny, who was lying on my shoulder, and left the tent.

The village cafeteria is a structure with only log posts and a roof, so I go there and take a seat at the end of the table where there are few people. The villagers would get nervous if I went near them, so I carefully kept my distance. The people handing out breakfast seem to be women or people who are not good at manual labor. Carol is helping to carry the food, smiling and enjoying herself.

“Good morning, Yoshio.”

As soon as I put the food in front of me, Carol greeted me cheerfully. She seemed to have changed her clothes into something from this world. My sister’s old clothes looked good on her, but she felt more comfortable in these.

“Good morning. You’re full of energy today.”

“Yeah! Carol, can I join you?”

“Sure. I’ll eat with you.”

I’d even like to ask her to do it for me. The other villagers treat me like I’m special and don’t talk to me, but I hope that if they see Carol’s casual approach to them, they will eventually feel closer to……me.

“What are you going to do today, Yoshio?”

“Well, I’m going to carry dirt from the cave.”

Building and processing wood seemed to be the work of the elves, Kang and Ran, and I were not involved. A total of five peopl

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