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“Here in Japan …”

A monster was standing on the deck of the ship.

A demon with green skin. It looks just like the ones which I saw many times in the game.

“That’s a green demon!”

… Yeah, that’s right. I am a clever man.

I tried to be strong and tried to say that but I was stiff and didnt speak.

I didnt feel scared when I saw them through the screen but when I see it in person just standing there, is scary.

A strange feeling that the monster is not from this world.

The space seems to be deviating from reality.

Cold sweat gushed out at once and the shirt got struck to my back.

I was wondering if this was the case for the villagers as well. You will not notice the fear until you experience it yourself.

I want to escape. I want to run right away.


“Yoshio …”

There is a weak presence behind me, who is frightened and is squeezing the hem of my clothes.

I have to protect her.

“Okay, I’ll protect you”

I put a hand on Carol’s head and forced myself to laugh.

The Green Demon is standing in front of the door leading to the deck. The number is only one.

There is no visible figure in my range. Unless its hiding somewhere

It should be an easy opponent for Gams but I dont even have the option to fight.

Is the opponent’s height a little lower than me? The arms and legs are muscular and generally large, leaner and bigger than the game. I have better physique..

However, the opponent is a monster and not a person, that alone should upset your courage.

Even if I ask for help, there are no people around.

The dependable Destiny was left in the Cabin.

There is no movement from the opponent yet but in this situation, I cant do anything till he leaves the front of the stairs leading to the deck.

It would have been a little better if I had a stick or something which could have been used as a weapon.

I expected other players to take measures but I never thought that they would follow the ship and make such a direct approach.

“Give me the book”

Unexpectedly the Green Demon speaks in a nice and smooth voice.

Did this guy speak?

I have never seen it conversing in the game. That was a strange voice but there has never been such conversation with the villagers.

What is this Green Demon? A player summoning it with his miracle power, it seems possible.

I dont know if there is a God who can use such a miracle or maybe the Evil Gods can do it if the level goes up.

If so, there is nothing which I can do about it. What would I do if I can summon a monster freely?

“What book?”

I knew that it was the Bible from the Village of Fate is what the monster wanted but I tried to bluff it.

“Don’t worry, it’s the Bible. If you give it obediently, I won’t hurt you.”

Thats what I thought. I was surprised with something different in this situation.

“Its a Green Demon. Are you able to summon and man

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