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Chapter 20 (1/2): ReliableSister


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The lights of the convenience store can be seen on my way back.

I arrived at the front of the convenience store. It’s been a long time since I ran so seriously…oh since the Temptation of the Evil God. I am having difficulty in breathing.

“Well…yeah where is Sayuki?”

When I looked inside the store. I saw my sister all alone in the store except the clerk.

There was no stalker like figure.

My sister seemed to have noticed me and my expression loosened a bit.

I wanted to go inside the store but stopped on seeing her pointing outside.

I pretended to make a phone call on my smartphone to avoid suspicion and turned around slowly.

Is she pointing towards that direction? I went to a corner. Kept my ears on the smartphone and kept an eye on the surroundings.

I don’t know surely because of the dark but it seems there was someone hiding there.

Should I approach and check? Even if I don’t want catch him, I can plan my future measures depending upon his reaction.

“I am near the convenience store. You haven’t picked me up yet? Is it cold?”

I got out to the road while talking in a bright voice.

I was pretending while gradually leaving the convenience store and approaching towards the person. I need to be patient and need to walk in a natural way to avoid suspicion and alert the opponent.

I think if I go further then the figure of the person will become clear…

The person in the corner ran away in the opposite direction even though I was walking carefully with restrained feelings.

Oh, shit he escaped. What am I going to do now? It’s better to make a chase and clear this situation.

My smartphone starts ringing as I was about to dash. When I checked the screen, it was an incoming call from my sister.

“Don’t chase because it would be dangerous.”

I listened to my sister voice who seems to be about to cry, this changed my mind and returned to the convenience store.

My younger sister stopped me with such a desperate voice, probably recalling the time when we were driven away an old stalker.

……When my sister was still in junior-high, I was a college student. I couldn’t tolerate the stalker so I caught the man who hiding without thinking.

The other party was not a classmate of my sister but was someone who had caught up my sister by accident.

Speaking of sense of Justice, it sounded good and I was sweetened because my opponent was a kid in junior high, 10 years younger than me. I can win if he is alone.

When he was seriously screaming at the stalker, the kid took out a concealed knife.

At that time I freaked out.

I was only thinking about how to run at that moment. I wanted to run away even though my sister was behind me. Just without thinking about it I tried to escape.

I don’t remember what I said but probably it was a pitiful reply.

I still remember how my sister looke

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