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Chapter 13 (1/2): I Didn’t Know That My Father Was Worried AboutMe



“Thank you so much!”

I gave my thanks to the president after getting out of the car in front of my house.

Today’s job finished earlier than normal. It seems that the night work will continue for three more days.

However, it was dark and the clock has crossed the dinner’s hour.

“Will I eat dinner alone again?”

Recently, I have started working and therefore doesn’t get time to eat dinner with my family, and eating alone is lonely.

Up until now, I was more concerned about how my family viewed me rather than eating alone.

I laughed at my own feelings.

When I entered the house, father was in the living room and mother was in the kitchen.

“I’m back”

“Oh, you came home. If I knew you would come back early then I would have waited for a while to have the meal together.”

“Don’t worry about it. The cleaning job ended earlier today.”

“Oh..sorry you must be hungry. Let me make some dinner for you.”

My more-than-usual cheerful mother lit the stove while humming???

Did something good happened?

If I ask my father then I might be able to know why my mother is so happy but I am still a bit nervous to talk with him.

He is a serious father who rarely laughs. I don’t seem to remember having a decent conversation after becoming a NEET. The last time when we had a normal conversation must be during the time when I was in university.

But It feels like … I can talk to him now.

I saw my father sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper while his back is facing me. I want to say, “I’m happy along with mother, but did something happened?”

However … It’s not easy to lose my bad habits and gain confidence.

Still…I should gather more courage and talk. I need to say thank you for the part-time job.


“The rice is cooked~~”

My mother’s voice completely overshadowed my voice.

…… She finished the meal.

My mother sat at the dinner table in front of me, full of smiles.

My talkative mother is not saying anything, her whole body is overflowing with aura that she want me to ask her about her happiness, her aura is clearly reaching me… I wonder why she is doing this.

“Mom, did something happened??”

“Fufu, do you want to know?”

I want you to stop saying what you want to say.

Usually the conversation start with a lot of bragging and to be honest I don’t want to hear it.

But I know if I don’t talk with her then I will feel terrible so I have to do this….There is no other choice.

“Actually, your day today…”

“Oh! Yoshio, your favorite program is starting!”

“Oh, wait I am coming.”

I escaped from my mother thanks to my father.

But now I’m a little curious about the story. It looked like my father just rushed and stopped her. …… What happened?

** From their reaction he may have been intended for their child not hear about somethin

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