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Chapter 14 (2/2): Approaching D-Day And Me EarningMoney

“Brother Gams, it will be okay and we will survive the Temptation of the Evil God.”

Carol is pulling the sleeves of Gams and asking him questions.

I think she could be aiming for him too because in the end she too is a girl….Is it because of his manly appearance?

“The defenses have been hardened so we will be okay even if the monster come. You can rest assured.”

“Yup! Brother will protect us in case of trouble.. ”

Carol embraces Gams with a face full of smile.

Chem is grinding her teeth without trying to hide her anger.

“I have already told you many time that he is not your brother but mine.”

“My brother, the sister-in-law is scaring me.”

My eyes popped out with frightened expression!?!!…….Is she already a women even though she is so young?

“Ufufufufufu. Onee-chan’s voice was disturbing, but it’s fine. …… Now seriously tell me….can we overcome this situation?”

“We need to because we only have this place”

Lodis, who was nearby has also joined in the conversation. His wife Lyra facial expression is dark.

Their village was destroyed by a large monster horde on the day of the Temptation of the Evil God. It is natural for one to be wary.

The one most familiar with this situation of this forest should be Murus.

Murus shifted his line of sight and stopped picking up herbs. He seems to be wanting to say something.

“I have already told you all several times, this place is called Forbidden Forest. The danger is quite high due the different variety and different habitat of the monsters. I also want to be away from the temptation of the Evil God, so I’m sorry …”

He seems to be shaking his head unfortunately but I know his true nature so everything looks like a play to me.

“No, no. It was enough for you to lend us help. We all were saved because of you including my brother.”

Chem deeply bows and smiles.

I was impressed, if I didn’t know everything then I would have really thought of him as a gentle pharmacist. I am really sorry.

“The wheels of the wagon is at its limit even if you stay. We still won’t have the skills to repair the wheels and it would be impossible to leave the forest on foot …… That’s alright, Mr. Murus.”

“If I am alone or with Gams, It is possible to get out of the forest but I am not confident to escape together with everyone.”

“We will resist and endure here. That’s the only way to survive. We will try our best to survive.”

Villagers declare this in an usually loud voice.

I was curious about the expression of Murus, so I zoomed and looked at it. It looks like he is worried…… but It might be a play.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Murus. Honestly, I want your help but I don’t want you to get involved ”

Gams deeply bows and spokes the word of gratitude.

All the villagers except Carol bow their heads. Only Carol doesn’t seem to understand the situation but after looking around s

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