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Chapter 15 (2/2): Game Lover and GameLife



The outside was bright.

It was twelve o’clock when I looked the bedside table clock.

“… Twelve o’clock”

I jumped out and checked the pc. The villagers were doing their work as usual.

“Oh, twelve o’clock in the day. Oh,yes, it’s bright outside.”

When I opened the curtain, dazzling sunlight illuminated the room.

If we survive today then the villagers could have a stable life for a while.

I took a deep breath and calmed my mind and then sat on the chair to observe the villagers.

Of course, everyone was facial expression were bad.

The tensions have increased over the previous few days. It is being transmitted through the screen.

It seems Carol is also observing and today she is more mature than usual. Adults are silently reinforcing the fences and maintaining the weapons.

“It’s a bad atmosphere. Can I do something …”

First of all, I want to relieve some of the pressure of the villagers using the oracle.

What should I write? What should i say to give them sense of security and make them feel encouraged.

Every time, I am troubled by the oracles, but today it is particularly important.

I somehow managed to write it. Is this all right?

….I believe it so I pushed Enter.

When the Bible placed in front of the wooden carving shone, the villagers immediately gathered with an inhumane speed.

After all, everyone was worried about the situation but so they couldn’t control themselves.

“The oracle has come. I will read it now. … Godly villagers. You may be worried about the temptation of the evil god but do not forget that I am watching over you. When you fall into a real crisis, I will lend you a helping hand for once”

What about this? If I write it like this then they wont depend on the God too much and will do their best without giving into despair.

And also if I write like this then it will easier for them to understand the situation when the Golem appears.

I am actually thinking that I should have properly mentioned then a Golem would appear rather than these vague lines.

“Everyone, we all blessed by the God of Destiny.”

“That’s right. Stop being pessimistic. “

The shady expression disappeared from the faces of Chem and Gams.

It looks like the complexion of the Lodis family also improved slightly.

From there, they started chatting and the atmosphere seemed to returned to normal.

Okay, I was able to clear one of the problems.

Now another advice for today is impossible as I cant send the oracle. I also cannot some miracles as there are lack of fate points.

Actually, I wanted to test drive the Golem but the operation method and conditions are not clear. If there is some limit then the result could be disastrous.

I wrote it on the oracle but it should be only done in a really dangerous situation.

I wanted to sleep again and wakeup at 11pm but I don

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