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Chapter 5 (2/2): Wandering Villagers andMe

My eyes returned to the screen after staring at the ceiling for awhile. There was the mysterious pharmacists who suddenly appeared and Lodis who seemed to be surprised and confused by Chem’s behavior.

Chem is not in a situation to talk, so Lodis convinced himself to read the bible lying on the ground.

It was the oracle for the day, and I was able to successful do it as the hands of the clock have crossed midnight. By the way, the content of the oracle were as follows:

“Mercy to my brave warrior. He shall yet to return to my embrace . Fate has led the pharmacist to your aid. Hardships will come, but don’t forget that I am always watching over you.”

I still write like a God but what about it?

If you think about it, if the characters can understand the first oracle then they should not face difficulties in understanding anything you type next.

But since dignity and sincerity can be lost, divinity might also disappeared from the oracle.

I wanted to try the god version with a light tone, some other times. Maybe when I have more fate points.

I dont think anything will happen anymore. Gamz was still sleeping but still I continued watching the screen.

After the execution of the oracle, I couldn’t do anything, but still I kept on watching through the night.

Gamz seems to be completely out of danger and is sleeping peacefully.

The villagers had already woken up at six o’clock in the early morning and have started their own work.

Chem continues to take care of her brother.

Lodis seems to be aware that he is the only man who can use weapons, so he is guarding the surroundings.

Laila and Carol are preparing breakfast.

The traveling pharmacist takes out a small mortar and prepares some medicine.

“So thats how a pharmacist works.”

While everyone is working, the pharmacist started to speak.

“My family has been pharmacists for generations. This place is called forbidden forest and there are many monsters here but there are abundant medicinal herbs too. Last night, after picking medicinal herbs and starting preparations for a camp, I saw a pillar of light in the forest. To be honest, I was wondering whether I should go or not, but my heart started to tremble with the thought of leaving.

“It was the guidance of God.”

“We do not believe in God as we work with nature but yesterdays events….. might really have been done by God.”

Is the pharmacist an atheist?

He admits the existence of God but believing in him seems a different story.

More importantly, will the pharmacist immediately leave?

“Even though the patient is out of danger, you should still take care for him for a while.. If it’s OK with everyone, I can stay help with his wounds.”

“Of course!!! Please stay … But lodging might be a problem for us right now….”

I am saved as the pharmacist will stay for awhile..

But as Chem said, the problem is where to live

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