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Chapter 9 (2/2): I Am Impatient In Making A SmoothVillage

I spend my next few days as usual

The days were now calmer compared to when I started playing Village of Fate. But change was about to come to the village even though I wanted to believe that these calm days will continue.

“The fence around the cave is finally finished”

Gams who attached the last piece of log to the ground breathes with a sigh of relief.

Since it was no longer necessary to build a house, it became possible for the villagers to use all the logs and build up a fence around the cave.

There are monsters in this world, so there top priority was boosting their defenses. It seems it has been completed.

The thin logs are arranged at regular intervals and are pasted together. The black dog monster which appeared earlier might be able to cross it via jumping but it would need to stop to do so.

And if the movement stops, the pharmacist Murus will shoot down the monster and the villagers will have time to escape to the cave. This has now reduced my concerns about the defenses.

As for the food, there are lots of variety of mountain fruits and fishes in the river.. So far, the food stocks are increasing and there is no hunger. It seems there is not much food problem in this world. …… If they might not have enough food then I will ask them to stop sending food tribute.

However, soon winter will arrived and they need to preserve food like smoked meat and fishes.

Layla has earlier complained about lack of seasoning for the food but it seems there are rock salts in the cave.

I thought that there was no seasoning other than salt in the game world but spices exist, however they’re expensive and therefore herbs are commonly used instead.

At first the atmosphere looks calm and smooth. It’s like I don’t have to worry about anything but … Recently, the villagers behavior has become strange.

Although they pretends to be calm but they are terrible at it. Gamz is always on the lookout and has become oversensitive to small noises.

Even though the other villagers are living more abundantly than before but there expression is becoming more severe day by day.

“I feel that everyday conversations have become tense.”

The villagers have a good relationship but the atmosphere seems heavy.

Everyone often sees a wooden calendar, counts some number on their fingers and take a deep breath.

“Is there something like some special day? I don’t know about the customs of the game world.”

Actually, I want to use a little bit of fate point, but I won’t because I think it’s better to be prepared for emergency after inspecting the villagers behavior.

I have listened to all the conversations of the villagers but I still haven’t figured out the reason for the villagers concerns.

But today was different. One of the villagers who felt uncomfortable about this atmosphere just like me spoke out.

“Daddy, mom. Why are you so scared?”

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