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Chapter 3 (1/2): Lazy Me and WorkingVillagers

“Wow, ah, is it already morning?”

Sunshine shone through the curtain’s gap.

It was already 9 a.m when I checked the clock at the bedside.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been awake at this hour.”

When did I go to bed yesterday?

Oh, I see. It was night time when I was looking at the villagers, and….

I got addicted to “The Village of Fortune” and watched the villagers til late.

There are several things that I noticed.

They go to sleep in an odd manner. When it’s dark, they eat dinner and sleep immediately. Gamz alone had been up for a while to keep a lookout for the surrounding but still slept at 8 p.m.

The most serious thing is their dependence on God. I thought it was convenient for me if they were my loyal devotee but when I listened to their conversation last night, I changed my mind.

“How about sleeping, Gamz?”

“No, Lodis. I don’t know when a monster will attacks. I need to keep watch.”

“Don’t worry about that. Haven’t you witnessed the miracle of God? We also had that oracle, that means the God of Destiny is watching over us. The monsters will not come close to us due to His power. “

“… I hope so too….”

Excuse me, God (I) has no such power.

The villagers also have the problem about logging and woodwork, as they also think that God will do everything from processing to the drying of timber but that’s a shallow thought.

“Oh man, I am sure that I can’t always keep them safe. It’s better to tell them that my power is limited and is not omnipotent or I don’t think its going to be safe. ”

What should I do?

Last night, I laid down to research the wood processing on the net because of the pressure from the villagers.

If you’ve spent a lot of time that you have to watch videos, browse online sites, or just chatting on bulletin boards to give villagers a little more decent advice, will you regret it? No.

As usual, I wanted to look away from reality and immerse myself in the game.

However, on the screen the villagers were working hard. Their hard life was different from mine.

Even young Carol is working hard to help her mother.

“You don’t need to….”

“I know. But everyone needs to do their best, right? It’s tiny, so it’s not heavy at all. I think I can help.”

“Carol. When you find it hard you can go to your dad for help.”

“Don’t worry. It won’t be a problem”

Lodis is looking at his daughter over and over again during his work. He seemed to be worried about his daughter. Sometimes he was about to walk towards her but somehow managed to stay put.

The girl who keeps worrying about her father is constantly moving while carrying one thing and then another. Even though it is a fictitious programmed world, it is lively. Different from my lazy self.

I know that the person is a character of the game, but my chest is tightened just by looking at them.

The more precise the image, the more the scen

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