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The best game and the awful me

「Seriously, are you not going to find a job? You understand, right? Your father won’t work forever. We are managing somehow, but what are you going to do when we die!?」

「I know that! Shut up!」

Again. At least let me have lunch at peace… Such a thing shouldn’t happen so early.

Without being able to refute such a sound argument of my mother, the only thing I could do is to yell at her.

I’m aware that what I’m doing is nasty. After graduating from high school, I entered a regular university without much effort and graduated. …Until that point, my life was not so bad. The problem starts from here.

Even though I tried hard to find a job before graduation, I lost all my energy and motivation trying to find a company with good conditions, like that a year went by, then two, and little by little, ten years passed.

「You are already over thirty… The neighbor’s son from the house next door, Masatsugu-kun, is working splendidly and raising beautiful children」

I know that, you don’t have to tell me. All my classmates are working normally and most already have a family. But I…

「Ah, now I lost my appetite」

I get up fiercely from the chair.

Even though I look like I lost my temper, but in fact, I didn’t. I only acted bravely in order to escape out of the conversation quickly. That’s right, it’s not like I flipped out.

It’s my usual running away. I just gave up on fighting, and as a result, I got better at running away.

I just don’t want to stay here anymore.

Just when I was planning on going to my room, the only place where I can feel at peace, I hear the doorbell ringing.

When I check the outside through the door phone, I discover that there was a delivery man on the other side of the door.

「I have brought your orderー」

I was about to leave thinking that it would not be necessary to receive it personally, but then I saw a familiar logo in the box.

「Wait a moment, I’ll go now」

「My, it’s rare for you to come out. …I hope you haven’t bought anything with money that is not yours!」

「Wrong. I still have money from a prize」

In order to get rid of the guilt of not working, I registered on every possible page where you can win prizes and so, sometimes I win some of them.

However, sometimes the articles come from adult sites, so I go to receive them myself so they do not see it.

When I opened the door and the delivery man saw me, he was a little startled.

So that’s how a person reacts when they see a sloppy man who has an unshaved face and is at home at day time on a weekday?

But I already got used to this kind of gaze. Neighbors look at me even worse without disguising the look.

「Please sign or stamp it」

「I’ll sign it」

I assumed that the box that I received from the delivery man was not groceries or something similar since it was small and light.

「Oh? It’s not food? 」

It seems that my mother who was behind me for a whil

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