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It was a sudden event of confusion, but the whole process was handled quickly without any noise.

Successfully being able to deceive Mrs.Park and cover the mouths around her.

It was thanks to the fact that she had warned in advance that her mother shouldn’t find out no matter what.

Lying wasn’t that difficult at the national level.

Zio was hospitalized for a long time under the long name of 〈State-funded Trauma Treatment for the Victims of the March Nightmare〉 at a national hospital that operated under the Center.

Thanks to that, the place where she met up with outsiders was a therapy room in the children’s wards.

Zio said sourly.

「You say you’re the number one controller in the country?」

「Am I like that?」

「Huh. Was it by accident? To be honest, you don’t look that strong.」

「Not as much as you.」

「I’m number one overall, so you can’t compare to me. 」

The little girl talked without changing her expression.

Tiger smiled silently as he looked at the back of her little head that was concentrating hard on the sketchbook drawings.

「You don’t smell like cigarettes as much today.」

「I did my best. Thanks to a certain child.」

「Doesn’t it smell bad for you too?.」

「I smoke because I’m sick of the smell of incense. It’s hard to quit smoking, so please cut me some slack.」

「Okay, I’ll cut you some slack.」

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Zio muttered as she changed the crayon she was using to a different color. Well, it’s the same.

「Because ahjussi keeps looking after me. Even if I fall or complain, you keep coming back to see me.」


「I think most people would fall asleep while they talk to me, and I wouldn’t want to continue seeing them if they kept doing it.」

Measuring rank.

The first physical contact she ever had with the Babel.

After completing the official “registration” on the server, she was reborn from a state of having an incomplete awakening through a covenant into a fully awakened person.

Therefore, not the she received from h, but the traits of the awakened Gyeon Zio, such as ‘Heart of the Dragon’ and ‘Magic Screen’ became fully awakened, and the magic in her body began seething.

Previously, it was controlled by the deity. However, it was determined that keeping a ‘stigmata’ open for too long was too much for her young body.

The deity chose to forcibly turn off Zio’s switch whenever there were signs of Mana explosion.

That’s why she collapsed and fell asleep like a narcolepsy patient every time.

Even though Zio was annoyed about how he always put her to sleep and created a fuss, there was no way to stop his care for Gyeon Zio.

Thanks to that, she kept up a cold war of not talking to her contractor for a few days.

Tiger looked towards Zio.

She was pretending not to care, but her body kept leaning this way and sneaking a few glances.

‘You are nervous.’

He remembered the cont

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