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“This is uncomfortable.”

Tiger glanced at Zio as he held her with one arm.

The position changed from a lifting and moving luggage posture into a Hollywood father and kid posture.

Whether it was the side being hugged or the side giving hugs, both had a zero sense of incompatibility.

“I gave you a key card, so why are you still making a fuss over here?”

“I lost it.”

“Give me your phone.”

He took the cellphone from Zio and skillfully unlocked it.

1111. The extremely strong password was still the same.

While the elevator was climbing up, Tiger installed an app that was exclusive for the residents.

“I have never seen it before.”

“…Wasn’t it originally like that? It’s been a long time since we last saw each other, yet you are already acting like you know it.”

Gyeon Zio was angry like a student caught buying clothes from an internet mall without her mothers knowledge.

The hand that put Zio down at the sofa stopped at those words.

Tiger leaned down with his chin at the side of the armrest.

“Yeah, it’s hard to see your face even once, Miss Gyeon Zio. After almost 3 months you show up in men’s clothing that doesn’t fit your size and insist it’s yours…”

“Keh. It’s G-Gyeon Ji-rok’s.”

“I know what Bambi smells like. Bad excuse.”

Tiger who hit the bridge of the nose straightens his back. Zio grumbles as she looks at his back moving away.

“Mister, I came here for business yet where are you going?”

“It’s eleven o’clock. We should be getting ready soon. For our business ‘Jo’.”

Tiger’s bronze hair became a bit disheveled after he roughly took off his T-shirt.

His sharp shoulder with scars and the tattoo on his wide, elastic back looked gorgeous.

They were all related to witchcraft.

The number seemed to have increased since the last time Zio saw them.

On his way to the bathroom he picked up his phone as if something came to his mind.

Thanks to that, the conversation was cut short. After the short call he turned back around.

“You want to get back to number 1. I suppose? Let’s wash up and then move to the tower together later. I’m resting.”


“Let’s eat something, you lost some weight.”

Tak. The inside door closes.

She was wondering what he was doing, but it seems he ordered some room service.

Zio laid down and hugged the cushion next to her as she lamented inside.

‘…cool as expected.’

[Your contractor, ‘Reader of Fate’ makes a mocking face about you being catched red-handed.]

[He raises ethical questions to the viewers asking why he took off his clothes in front of the child, saying its against the viewing age rating.]

‘Your opinion has been rejected. Reason for rejections is: because it’s a pleasure for my eye.’

Leaving behind the sulking contractor, the room service arrives a few minutes later.

The dishes were delivered straight from a nearby 5-star restaurant, after all this was a place where the most popular

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