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Magician King ‘Jo’.

Having ‘King’ as their nickname, they had an undefeated record.

The popularity of ‘Jo’ was unmatched.

You might wonder how such a thing is possible considering no one knew their identity and they never did any work.

In the era of great hunters, the popularity of top rankers was as good as it could get.

Jo was already a hero the moment they appeared. They were the undefeated no.1 player who had never moved in rankings since the moment they debuted.

Above all, they had the perfect timing.

Jo appeared only once in a situation that was like ‘Let’s see if you still don’t show up’.

People would say ‘Guys, we were originally screwed, but this time we are really screwed. Everyone start preparing for your next lives and then we can meet again in the underworld’ and then they appeared like a savior only when she felt like it.

The most critical event was the three first class cracks that occurred in the past 10 years.

During the 1st disaster.

When Jo, who flew from god knows where riding a black dragon, cut off Balrog’s neck as if opening a soda cap. (the so-called ‘It’s not a bottle opener, It’s Balrog opened Jo’ Events/current views: 78.9 billion views.)

In fact, at that moment Jo’s popularity was as good as decided.

And she did the same thing 2 more times.

Besides, these first class cracks were being created simultaneously in many countries around the world as if it was a collusion.

There was no way they wouldn’t compare between countries.

It was natural that Korea, which had the top laws for situations like these, suffered the least damage.

It was almost like drinking a bottle of soup with mouth open.

The number of views that the live battles, taken from various angles, and the mad MV’s edited by fans soared without realising it was so high.

Journalists started fighting like dogs and cows trying to play ‘Do you know Jo’.

The world’s beloved superstar who finally poured oil into the bag of blazing soup…

It was when Timothy, the 1st place in the U.S. , visited Korea, and spoke to the microphone.

‘Is this Jo’s country?’

That the game ended.


Although she was mostly indifferent, Jo didn’t dislike this popularity.

All the rankers in channel 1 knew of this story.

When Choi David would try to show off her popularity, she would suddenly pop out and post the link to her own video.

Every time mankind faced a critical disaster, she would show up anyways. (even if it’s a little late.)

So why would such a person turn her back on mankind?

There was only one answer.

‘Kiddo I’m going up faster than anyone else this time.’

He would find them and kill them.

Baek Do-hyun shook his sword with a blank face.

There were bodies scattered in the grass.

The last person left was sitting on the ground and backing off. His teeths crashed against each other.

“S-Save me.. Please save me.”

“You won’t die, you know.

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