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Formal’ and ‘Guerrilla’.

Dungeons were largely divided into these two categories.

Of course, if we go into detail, it will be very diverse, starting with the scenario, quests, farming, instances, raids, training, etc., but if you looked at the bigger picture, that was the case.

If “Formal Dungeon” was mainly operated as a stable hunting ground, magic stone mining, and training site, “Guerrilla Dungeon” usually had many challenging quest types.

In particular, if there was a time limit, and you went beyond that time limit the dungeon would expand and cause lots of damage to the surrounding area.

“Oh, hello. Thank you very much.”

“Please confirm my identity.”

“Come on, ahjussi, what’s wrong? Here, can’t you see this guild mark?”

“I’m not your ahjussi, I’m Tak Lamin from the rescue and suppression Team 1. I won’t say it twice. Identity.”

“…Y-You were an agent of the former team 1. This is the 2nd attack team of the “Invibe” guild who is in charge of attacking the low-level dungeon.”

“Are you sure there are 6 other people besides the CC-level Awakener Shin Jincheol?”


“You’re a little late. I’ll give you a brief, so please gather to one side.”

“Ah, that’s right. One hasn’t come yet. Someone from the top was supposed to come but it’s a bit late.”

So what?

With an expression that said those words, Tak Lamin raised his eyebrows.

“It’s a Time-limited dungeon. Are you free?”

“No, I mean. We are under Dawn’s wing… so the subcontracting is… Oh, no. Let’s move on.”

Tak Lamin turned around first.

Behind them, the engineers grumbled.

“Damn disease. Why are you being so feisty? If it’s the old team 1, the unit price?”

“Leave it. Kim Si-gyun’s direct line, you’re the nation’s super elite. Life itself must be very stiff.”

In line with his cool personality, Agent Tak Lamin’s explanations were also very brief.

Time limit quest dungeon.

Limited to 10 people attacking.

Time limit of 20 hours. Difficulty level R.

The raid squad listened with a serious expression.

LR/UR/SR/R(here it actually uses the first 4 letters of the korean alphabet, so I just changed it to rarities like ‘ultra rare’ ‘rare’ ‘common’ instead)

Out of the 8 total dungeon ranks, the top 4 gave the highest. It was the so-called ‘rich’ dungeon that everybody yearned for..

Among them, ‘R Rarity’ had the most intense competition due to its relatively low difficulty and generous rewards.

This time, it was a time bomb dungeon that disappeared regardless of whether the attack was successful or not.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to say that a superior personally stepped out in the upper ranks of 〈Dawn〉 to win this case?

And they’ll send you people.

Of course, the goal is to be compensated, but even if you did well, you could have a connection with the upper ranks.

Within affiliated guilds that were only waiting for a ladder to go up with, it was truly a golden rope.


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