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Mad Dog frowned.

Did he have some sort of mental illness?

“Why are you swearing and fighting in front of people? You bastard without a root.”

“I don’t know. All of a sudden, I just feel that it has been grossly uncomfortable.”

Santa Monica, California, USA.

Two men were outdoors sitting under a beach parasol.

Among them, Mad Dog, a latin man with white dreadlocks, retorded nervously.

“I feel more uncomfortable with you, you son of a bitch. It’s a story that I always keep to myself. You’re a significant, suspicious, horrible bastard.”

“Oh. Such a thing, Mad Dog. we’re the bad guys. You still didn’t know that? How pitiful.”

Kido sipped his grape juice as he talked.

Because of the sunglasses and bucket hat, only his mouth shape could be seen.

Mad Dog burst into anger as he gulped down his share of the juice. It was a strawberry juice that didn’t suit his rough, manly nature.

“There are different kinds of bad guys, but you… you! You are so nasty and mean!”

“That is unfair. It hurts, Bro.”

“Don’t pretend you’re hurt, you bastard! Cause I am not sorry!”

“Shh. I am getting a call. This is a call I need to answer.”

Kido smiled and showed the screen.

[Caller ID: Child]

“Shit, it’s that disgusting nanny thing again.”


Kiddo raised his finger and warned, then he pressed the accept button.

“Hello, Timothy.”

“Yes, is that the news? I checked, too. The time difference doesn’t matter. It’s a world notification. It’s the same all around the world. Wasn’t it you who went into the dungeon?”

“Hahaha, I’m excited. Let me calm down the excitement a bit… Huh? You won’t like it if you suddenly decide to visit.”

Our “Jo” is a person whose daily life is more important than anything else in the world.

“How do I know… I have my own source of information, Honey. Even though we are like brothers I can’t share everything.”

“Well. If you really want to do that, there is no way. For example… not individual, but rather the country’s level. And the center in the middle.”

Traps of original size are good, the more steps the better.

That way, you can slowly corner an opponent without them easily noticing.

Kiddo smiled softly.

“Of course, yes, yes, but… have confidence. You are Timmy Lily, loved by the world. Me? Of course I am always by your side, If you go I will go too”

“It’s nothing to be touched about. Yeah, that’s a good thing. Our ‘Jo’ is much better in many ways than ‘Mad Dog’ whose anxiety is over the top. Okay. Did you find where Mad Dog is located? You went all the way to Marrakesh to find it.”

Pat pat.

Kiddo said as he kept patting the Mad Dog, who was pretending to throw up, on the back.

“Huh. Couldn’t find it…? My dear brother. Don’t be disappointed. It’s OK. The chance will come again. Let’s take it slow. Then see you in New York.”


“Let’s see each other in New York.”

Mad Dog sarcastically repeated.

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