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Although times have changed, Cheong-guk was still an important partner.

Director Jang was impressed by the swag of his housemate who said that he would give him a troublesome guy, but he trembled as if he was trying to solve it like a public official.

Compared to crying, it wouldn’t be as much of an embarrassment.

The Era of Great Hunters.

Families had collapsed, society had collapsed, and even the world had almost collapsed, but somehow we got over it anyway.

It was a little noisy, but the world was running normally again.

And, ironically, just as the countless wars blossomed into flowers that aided development of mankind, there must have been winners in this difficult time.

Korea. South Korea.

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The country with the most world-class high rankers.

1st place in the SPI Urban Safety category for 10 consecutive years.

Lowest gate mortality among developed countries.

It might not have the highest awakener bar, but the structure had the strongest Awakeners sitting there.

This bizarre phenomenon that takes place on the palm-sized peninsula made them rise to the absurd position of the Hunter suzerainty, alongside the United States.

The international community was quite vocal about this.

“…ni! Unni!”

[Creative skill, ‘Close your eyes for a moment to improve your condition and not because you are sleepy’ (general) has been disabled]

[Creative Skill ‘What are you looking at? It’s your illusion that I’m sleeping’ (rare) is disabled.]

[Your contractor, ‘The Reader of Fate’ wipes out his cold sweat, saying he thought you were dead]

“Yes, Gahyeon-ah. I wasn’t sleeping.”

It was now noon again.

The biggest contributor to the country’s power woke up from the entrance exam prison.

World’s top ranker Jo (Specialty: A three timer) woke up in a college entrance exam prison.

She naturally blinked her eyes.

Although there were no eye boogers thanks to the skills’ influence, her cheek showed an indescribable glow.

‘She must have had a good night’s sleep.’

“Ha, ha, ha. Well, you should have lunch.”

“Hm, what? Is the 1st period over already?”

‘1st period is long over…’

She was led onto the elevator by Seo Gahyeon.

Before she even woke up, Zio was buried between Seo Gahyun and her friends.

The insider vibe that makes them feel like her friends are amazing.

Besides, they were all very tall.

‘Save me. Save short Zio.’

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[The Deity, ‘Reader of Fate’ covers his mouth and says he is upset because it looks like you will be crushed.]

[No matter how he looks at you, you are born to be a social outcast, but he is bashing the desk for why you are so burdened.]

‘Unni, what are you talking about now? Follow the king.’

It’s just that she was bullied by the world.

Have you ever heard of a voluntary outs

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