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This is Seoul, South Korea.

To test the aggressiveness of the hunters, she suddenly raised the level of dungeon difficulty that is going on.

“UR Level? With this level of power? Ah fuck. I’m speechless.”

“I barely managed to get assigned for a R level, but I’m not good enough for UR level.”

“This is ridiculous, raid leader. We need to go outside and ask for help right now!”

“There are only five hours left. It’s a limited-staffed quest dungeon, so the portal outside must have already closed, so how do you expect to get external support and what about the civilians inside?”

“Hey! You are the iron bowl of heroism, so you might be worried about the civilians inside, but for me, my mother, who will live alone when I die, is more important! Do you understand?”

The effect was great.

Since he belongs to the former team 1, Tak Lamin was at least a B-class hunter.

So the average D-class hunters rolled their eyes at him.

The main culprit of this situation,

The three high rankers.

Gyeon Zio (1st Place/S-rank), Hwang Hon (6th place/S-rank), and Yoon Eui-seo (29th place/A-rank) stood a little farther apart and watched the unexpected argument.

Zio (1st place) tossed the ball first.

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“Um… well, life is a life, there are moments when it is completely broken, aren’t there…?”

‘Of course not me.’

Hwang Hon (6th place), who had been smoking a lot, quickly took the opportunity and hit the spikes.

“…That’s right. Wow I also don’t really know? I’ve been through difficulty adjustments, credit rating adjustments, and there were times where I wasn’t sure if I would lose my mind or not. It hurts, it’s youth.”

‘Of course he hasn’t been in any pain.’

A fantastic collaboration made by the S-ranks.

Yoon Eui-seo (29th), who was a normal person, looked at the two with a blank look, but the two of them neatly ignored him.

“I don’t think it’s something to be so angry about. Everyone is so aggressive.”

“That’s exactly what I thought. I totally agree. Wow, girl, are you maybe my lost twin? Wow, do you think the same? Do you want to be my younger sister? Just by looking at it, I can see that you are cute like a cat.”

“Eh? Isn’t your younger brother Hwang Jang? It goes all over the place.”

“…perhaps. I was politely asking if you want to change your name to Hoogsi or Hwang Jang. Lowering Casket.”

Hwang Hon started to calm down a bit and it seemed to have been a wake up call for him.

In the middle of talking to Gyeon Zio he suddenly started pretending he wasn’t calm and started tearing up a bit.

Difficulty re-adjustment, overly calm attitude, etc. they would slowly start getting suspicious.

Zio accepted that strange look with a smirk.

What are you looking at?

‘It’s not like I’ve been hiding my skills for 10 years just to get caught by a gangster tofu.’

〈Rankers who hide their power〉


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