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"Minseo’s painting today is really good. I think you just have to pay more attention to the background details and you are good to go. So the next picture… is.”

“That, sir. It’s the new painting of Zio.”

Art class.

Before they could go home it was time for evaluation.

When he saw the painting on the wall, the director who was leaving comments on the paintings one by one stopped.

Gyeon Zio looked at the group of silent teachers.

Even the children that had been whispering among each other were strangely silent.

A truly breathtaking silence.

‘What? What do you want me to do? What? Why? Fuck…’


‘Teacher, why won’t you talk!’’

“I mean..”.

The elegant art director covered her cheeks with a pale complexion.

“I-Its deep. Was the theme a Monster Wave?”

‘It’s a self-portrait.’

“It’s called the Magician King… I think the topic was a little difficult for Zio.”

“U-Uh Huh. Yeah. Is the mana purifier in the classroom working well? Bad energy could be mixed into the picture. Evil spirits or something. You have to be careful.”

‘I didn’t see it like that, but you have just been saying whatever you want since the beginning.’

Summary: It was a hurtful time…

Even though I said okay, the teacher who told me to take it home gave me a container to put it in.

Zio was greeted by the night wind of Jongno with a lonely look on her face.

My name is Jo, an artist of misfortune.

[Your contractor, “The Reader of Fate,” asks your Majesty carefully, ‘Why don’t you change your course now?’]

‘Unni, did Van Gogh feel this way…?’

[The Deity, ‘Reader of Fate’ is covering his mouth]

[As a matter of fact, he is inclined to say that you almost made this oppa say some bad words, dear little girl.]


“Lady, why are you filming a new wave on the street alone?”

“You sound like an old man. Asphyxiation in fifty minutes…”

“You’re more feisty today. Get in.”

“No. I don’t like it. Get out of here.”

The car window slowly lowered until it was completely open.

Raising one eyebrow, Tiger crossed his arms. He was wearing a black turtleneck shirt and an all-black suit.

“I am all grown up and don’t have time to soothe you. I have to send you home by midnight. What’s wrong?”

“Who knows the heart of a lonely artist?”

“Oh, it’s just a heartbreak. Get in. Butterfly, you’re too nice. Come on.”

As he stirred his fingers, the blooming little foxes pushed Zio’s back.

Poorly pretending they won, Zio trudged into the angled car.

The car seat was warmed up in advance.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s not fun, but a place we have to go.”

“Eh. It’s the center.”

Gyeon Zio rested her hands on her chin.

Beyond the window of the running car, the stars and the Babel Tower shone in the night sky of Seoul.


There are two powers that are related to awakeners in Korea.

One is the Korean Awakeners Association, which rep

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