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Baek Do-hyun first met ‘her’ when one day, mankind was nearing its end

Hundreds of unexpected cracks appeared simultaneously all over the country

Since the country had been upgraded to ‘First Priority Country’ by babel, it was the first major crack incident

Monster waves showed no end and continued coming and coming

Hunters desperately fought in their respective areas, but it wasn’t enough

The situation at Jamsil Bridge which was being managed by a small number of elite guilds, such as Babylon, was especially bad

With no reinforcements coming in, their forces were pushed back more and more, and the shock-stated bridge was quickly collapsing

Right when he was in his limit

Instead of Baek Do-hyun who was in a crisis while trying to save the citizens, the guild leader Gyeon Ji-rok got fatally injured

「Rok! No way. Wake up, keep your eyes open, Gyeon Ji-rok!」

「…Fuck. It hurts like hell」

「Are you laughing right now? You, your arm. Damn it…」

One of his shoulders was completely crushed

Baek Do-hyun couldn’t bear to keep talking because of his terrible appearance. However, even as he was vomiting blood, Gyeon Ji-rok kept laughing

「Hey. Our nice and kind Baek Da-hyun. …If I, told you I had a Deus ex Machina that I hadn’t used yet, what would you do? Would you scold me for not using it until now」

(Deus ex machina is an unexpected power or event that can be used to save a hopeless situation)

「You son of a bitch, it’s not time to be joking. We have to stop the bleeding…!」


Ji-rok grabbed onto Baek Do-hyun who was about to get up. Something was going to go wrong

Then he whispered with some sort of madness

「Don’t tell anyone about what you see from this point onwards」

With his blood-soaked hands, Gyeon Ji-rok broke the necklace he always wore

After that it was like a dream… It felt as if everything was a ‘dream’

Starting with the color of the sky changing…

Like some sort of symbol, thunderstruck, and the roaring monsters were thrown down into the Han River all at once


A long resonance was heard

The sound of a giant film tearing apart in the sky

As he held onto the fainted Gyeon Ji-rok, Baek Do-hyun looked up at the sky

The shadows that covered the sky grew bigger and darker. And…

There was a person sitting on top of a black dragon

It was the first time he had seen it, but he knew it instinctively

‘The Magician King…!’

The rumored Number 1

The first in the country, ‘Jo’

Rumble. The magician king lightly landed and walked towards them

Baek Do-hyun’s eyes were open wide

It was a marvelous sight

Every step the king took, the collapsed places around were being restored as if time was rewinding

The magician king asked

「Did you do that?」

「…I can’t say I didn’t」

「If you did, you will be dead. So tell me exactly what happened」

「I didn’t hurt him, but he got hurt because of me. Are you

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