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[Mom’s big mistake: Rokrok]

[Mom’s big mistake: Bambi Bambi]

[Mom’s big mistake: What’s a Barb?]

[Mom’s big mistake: Do you know Yoon Eui-seo?]

[Mom’s big mistake: Give me information]

“…Where are you and what are you doing?”

‘Why are you texting in the middle of a meeting again?’

He wasn’t even trying to hide it.

Would our 〈Babylon〉 really be all right?

Sa Sejong, the assistant leader of the guild 〈Babylon〉, coughed in vain, leaving behind the familiar questions.

“Let’s focus.”

“Barb… If there is a Barb with Yoon Eui-seo it’s probably ‘ ‘invibe’’. Isn’t he under Hwang Hon?”

At Gyeon Ji-rok’s words, Domi who was trimming their nail polish responded.

“Right. It was quite a huge guild in the early days, but the late night snack king gulped it down and stole the scavengers’ rice bowls from the bottom. So, he eats really well.”

“You are a baseless asshole.”

“Let’s focus…”

“Not an asshole, a gangster, young boss. They play internationally, too.”

“Yeah, you guys are gangsters.”


[Me: Bad quality garbage]

[Me: It’s not any of your business]

[Me: Aren’t you at the academy? Aren’t you at class?]

Tak. After Gyeon Ji-rok finished typing he loudly hit the keyboard and then pushed his bangs up.

“What’s wrong with you leader?”

“As expected, our leader is young. It’s a famous case, yet you don’t know it? You know, back in the day when they ignored Hunter’s duty and a major crack went underwater. That was the nightmare of the third month…”


While talking Domi realised her mistake and hurriedly shut up.

Everyone in the conference room glanced towards one side.

But the face of the young boss had already gone cold.

The intensity in the air immediately became heavy.

The dual nature of the ‘forest’ was that it made everyone feel comfortable yet at the same time it could make everyone tense.

Gyeon Ji-rok’s contractor was also second to none in terms of cruel temper.

The surrounding smell of the greenery was chilly.

Sa sejong sighed and naturally changed the subject.

“Certainly Yoon Eui-seo ‘Invibe’ is not worth rotting in some places. Since he is a rare tamer.”


“There are only two Ranker-class tamers in the world, Maramaldi and Yoon Eui-seo. So I tried talking to them through the head hunter before, but it didn’t work. Is there something going on? Why are you suddenly asking?”

“…who told you about it.”

“Who cares. I’m sure it’s his sister again.”

Sa sejong snorted. It was something that could be mocked about this siscon.

Gyeon Ji-rok was fussing for no reason.

After noticing the refreshing smell Domi also joined in.

It was a chance to refresh the mood!

“Oh, you said she ran away from home before, did she come back? Even though she is a part of the aristocratic at school, why does she have to make things so difficult? She has a rich and successful brother, she should just

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