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Chapter 90: First come first serve

On the fifth floor of the Ancient Ghost Temple, the monsters here were the Demonized Swordsmen with powerful attack power. The level 48 monsters had a high 500 attack power which was not something that normal players can take, so when I entered the fifth floor I was scared because I was actually surrounded by Demonized Swordsmen!

It was clear that there were two possibilities for this. One was that there were people that came to the fifth floor and couldn’t take the attack power of the Demonized Swordsmen, so they were chased back to the fourth floor by a group of monsters which gathered all these Demonized Swordsmen here. The other was that there were people who deliberately attracted this group to stop players from heading down, which meant that before we came, there were players that came to the fifth floor!

Thinking of this, I immediately went in an arc around the monsters, bringing most of them back to the center. At the same time, I said on the party channel, “You guys can come up!”

When the girls appeared, I was already cautiously using the Thousand Bladed Arrows to kill the monsters. The Demonized Swordsmen here couldn’t compare to the tomb skeletons, so a single hit to me took a third of my HP away. Using the Thousand Bladed Arrows to farm mobs here was simply like dancing on the edge of a blade!

Purple Rhyme quickly gave me the Prepared Resurrection, while Ling Yue helped with her Scarlet Flame Sea and Flame Dragon spells. Ling Xue didn’t fear the attack of the Demonized Swordsmen with her Strong Gale Set, so she forced her way into the mobs and used her Water Moon Slash to cut them down!

It had to be said, Ling Xue’s battle technique was quite good. Every time she swept out with the Water Moon Slash, several monsters around her lost most of their HP. This increased our efficiency by quite a bit. Ling Xue with the help of the Water Moon Slash had quite a bit of damage!

Bing Cha’s actions were even more simple, she just attacked a single monster at the edges. Her defence couldn’t compare to Ling Xue, so it would be dangerous once she was surrounded by monsters.

In less than half an hour, we had already cleared out the monsters of the fifth floor, getting several pieces of Bronze Equipment. Everyone divided it up and I gave the Bronze Bracers that I got to Bing Cha. This was something that she could use, but seeing her look at me with those large eyes, I awkwardly put the equipment back into my inventory.

Since the path to the sixth floor had been opened, I couldn’t help taking a deep breath and saying in a heavy voice, “There might be people up there and there might be a large group of Dark Sacrifices at the entrance, so the first person out has to be careful!”

Ling Xue said with a smile, “Relax, I’ll take a look first!”

I wasn’t a warrior and an archer with low HP wasn’t good for charging in, so I could only give her a nod.

Walking up the stone stairs w

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