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Chapter 86: Chatting about life

I first logged off to take a break.

When I came out of my room, I saw Summer and Zi Yue massaging each other. Zi Yue’s slender white legs were placed over on Summer’s legs and she was enjoying an issue of Ray Li. Summer’s soft hands were pinching Zi Yue, causing her to narrow her eyes in pleasure as she opened her mouth a bit. This scene really wasn’t suited for children to see.

I didn’t say anything and walked into the kitchen. I cooked a bowl of noodles and took it over to a coffee table on the side to eat.

Summer quickly shouted out, “Bookworm, I want to eat as well!”

I said with a smile, “Want to eat? Alright, help me massage my shoulders…..”

“Un, alright!”

To my surprise, Summer quickly agreed and took half my noodles. She quickly finished it in a few bites and licked her lips as she said, “I never thought that instant noodles could be this delicious……”

I revealed a smile before brewing a cup of coffee to revitalize myself. I want to level later and there were less people stealing mobs at night, so I had to seize that chance. Moreover, Ling Xue had her test tomorrow and couldn’t log on in the morning, so it wasn’t too late for me to log on in the afternoon!

At this time, a soft touch came from my shoulder. When I didn’t notice, Summer had appeared behind me and her hands were skillfully pinching my body, as my nerves that were numb from lying down immediately came back to life!

Looking back, I saw that Summer was wearing a blue halter skirt. Her snow white legs were kneeling on the sofa and she stood up on it. She asked with a smile, “How about it, my skills are pretty good, right?”

I didn’t hold back my praise as I said in a heartfelt voice, “It’s not bad. If you can’t play the game anymore in the future, you can open a little shop downstairs and watch the money come in!”

Summer immediately said with an angry smile, “Damn you, you think that I’m that kind of person? Just like, that…...No, I’m very pure!”

I nodded, “That’s right, I know. Summer is pure like a diamond is hard and you’re very kind!”

Summer pursed her lips into a soft smile, “Right, right!”

Zi Yue on the side fixed her hair and stood up. She said with a smile, “If we really can’t play the game in the future, what would we do? I didn’t bring a lot of living expenses before I came from a faraway city…...It seems to be the same with Rain Fall. Summer, your parents didn’t oppose to you coming out alone to make a living?”

Summer was stunned before saying with a smile, “What about it! I’ve always been a child in their eyes, but I want to prove to them that I’m already grown up!”

After saying this, Summer raised her rather small chest in front of me. Un, it did become a bit bigger, it swelled to the size of a soup dumpling!

Although I couldn’t see which part of Summer was grown, I still said with a smile, “Relax, Xue Yue won’t disband, we will become legends in Spirit of Grief!”

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