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Chapter 84: Killing bears

After logging on, Ling Xue immediately sent me a message, “Little fool, are you busy? If you’re not, help me level!”

Naturally I wouldn’t reject leveling with a beauty, but I had to drop off some equipment in my inventory in the warehouse, so I immediately replied, “I’ll be there in half an hour!”

“Un, alright!”

So I quickly took the Golden Bow out of the warehouse. This bow used to dominate the equipment ranking in first place back in the beginning of the game, but now it was changed out for the Star Chasing Bow. The only thing that hadn’t changed was that both bows belonged to me.

There were also two Silver Equipment and a bunch of Bronze Equipment taken out by me. I put all these things into my inventory before heading to the equipment selling commission place by the eastern gate.

There were no auctions in a second grade Main City, there were only simple NPC sellers. Players came here to sell their unused equipment and players also came here to buy equipment that they needed.

There was a hundred spaces in the seller and there were less than ten spaces left when I opened it. Each space cost ten gold coins to rent and lasted for twenty four hours. If it wasn’t sold after twenty four hours, it would automatically be returned to the owner.

I directly bought the rest of the spaces. I put the Silver Equipments up for prices of 2000 gold coins and the Bronze Equipment up for prices between 100 to 500 gold coins. This was a very fair price.

As for the powerful Golden Bow, I directly went into the square and shouted out, “Selling the Golden Bow that used to be at the top of the equipment ranking, selling it to the highest bidder. Any classmates that need it, please come up now to give a price!”

Very soon, I was surrounded by a group of archers and summoners who all gave bids.

“200 gold coins!”

“500 gold coins!”






When someone called out 2800, the sounds finally faded. After all, the Golden Bow was just a Silver Weapon and not to mention it was just a low level equipment. Equipment for level 30 and lower, when players passed level 30, the value of this bow would be greatly decreased.

So, I happily sold this Golden Bow for the high price of 2800 gold coins to this level 29 archer. It seemed like his equipment were all quite expensive, it was possible he was a RMB warrior!

[TL Note: RMB warrior is someone who pays to win.]

After receiving the 2800 gold coins, my heart was filled with joy. This was worth over ten thousand RMB, I was now a tycoon of over ten thousand!

At this time, there was a cold sound from the system.


System notification: Your [Bright Silver Battle Boots] in the NPC seller has been sold. It was priced at 2000 gold coins and taking away the 10% fee, you have received 1800 gold coins!


Hei, hei, the system actually took 200 gold coins! That was close to a thousan

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