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Chapter 106: Frozen Heart

While I was immersed in their loving story, Ronin turned to look at me and I was shocked. This is bad, he wants to pull me in!

As expected, Ronin said, “Young warrior, are you willing to agree to my request?”


System notification: Do you wish to accept the quest [Sharing Life]?


I hesitated a bit and after confirming that this mission wouldn’t harm me, I clicked accept.


System notification: You have accepted the quest [Sharing Life]! (Current difficulty: 0)

Quest details: Kill Great Priest Ronin and using his blood as an intermediary, reform Princess Linda’s body, while also sharing Ronin’s remaining life with Princess Linda!


My jaw dropped, this quest’s difficulty was actually zero?

Great Priest Ronin went to an empty spot and raised his white jade staff, as a six starred magic array appeared under our feet. With Ronin in the center, the magic array exploded with light and tore through the clouds, letting all those near and far see it!

I guess that all the Chinese players in Sunset City should be able to see this light soaring into the sky.

After the array was released, Great Priest Ronin stood in the middle and said in a determined voice, “Decades ago, I traveled to the peak of the continent and found the divine expert, God Class Ming Lan. She gave me a secret technique to share my life with others. If I could choose, I would live with Linda, even if it was for a day…..”

On the side, the five magicians were all shocked as they quickly said, “Master! How could you……”

Ronin revealed a faint smile and raised his staff, pushing the magicians away.

Princess Linda’s smile was like a blooming flower and although she was crying, it seemed like she was happy.

When Ronin took Linda, he said to me in a deep voice, “Young warrior, please kill me within ten minutes. My blood will be molded into a body using the secret technique. Don’t be afraid, I definitely won’t die……”

I was stunned before saying, “You won’t die even cut up to pieces?”

Ronin couldn’t help smiling. He pointed at his heart and said, “Use your sharp blade to pierce my heart!”

I hesitated a bit, but Linda said with a smile, “Do it! I believe Ronin, he is the most outstanding magician on the continent!”

I was speechless. I came forward and with a glow of the Bloodthirsty Spear, I used the Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers on Ronin’s chest, creating two damage figures.



I was a bit surprised! Ronin’s defenses were so strong, he really was the great priest!

With Ronin and Linda’s consent, I kept using skills and attacking without stop. Ronin closed his eyes as he held Linda’s small hands, just silently accepting it all.

Mages were weak to begin with and in less than five minutes, Ronin’s HP finally reached the bottom!


With tiny ice debris, the Ice Wind Thorn stabbed right into Ronin’s chest and created a larg

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