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Chapter 114: Shield Break Slash

It was actually…..a Dragon Whisper?

I really wasn’t the only Dragon Whisperer on the continent!

I was stunned, unable to say a single word.

At that time, Dragon Whisperer Bing Lan came in front of me. Her beautiful face was a bit cold as she said, “You, stand up, let me take a good look at you!”

I didn’t know what to do and could only obediently stand up. Holding the Bloodthirsty Spear and with the black cloak on my back, I looked quite powerful.

Bing Lan looked over me before saying with a faint smile, “You’re considered not bad. Then from now on, I will be your teacher, remember that!”

“What? You are my teacher?” I was completely shocked before pointing at her snow white face, “You look this young, how can you be my teacher…..”

Bing Lan was a bit angry as she said, “What are you saying, I can’t be a teacher if I’m young?”

Bing Lan raised her sword and softly swung it.


There was a sword glow that came out and the cliff in front of me split, as ten meters of ground collapsed. There was a clean cut mark that made one stunned!

I took a cold breath and couldn’t say a thing. When I entered the game, the Spirit of Grief had a white haired youth cut the wings of a devil, which was similar to this slash. It seemed like Dragon Whisperer Bing Lan wasn’t simple!

Bing Lan looked at me and asked, “Now, do you think I’m qualified to be your teacher?”

My cold sweat didn’t stop. She was more than qualified to be my teacher, she was even qualified to be my ancestor!

So I respectfully said, “Teacher Bing Lan…..”

“Am I that old?” Bing Lan raised a brow.

I secretly complained, this NPC really wasn’t easy to appease!

So I quickly changed my statement, “Beauty Bing Lan…..”

Bing Lan wasn’t happy, “Forget it, just call me Bing Lan……”

I nodded. Bing Lan turned to come to the cliff and her beautiful eyes looked at the snow in the distance as she muttered, “It’s been a hundred years, but I never thought that Dragon Whisperer inheritance would finally begin…..”

“This…...What does this mean?”

Bing Lan revealed a faint smile, “Nothing. Listen well, on this continent, the light alliance of humans, elves, and beastmen are resisting the invasion of the army of darkness made of demons. We Dragon Whisperers are the messengers between humans and dragons. There are only two Dragon Whisperers right now, one is you and the other is me, so I will teach you all the powerful skills and dragon magic……”

I was filled with wild joy. So I could study the broken dragon magic! Once I learned it, our Xue Yue wouldn’t need to fear the alliance between Fated and Bloodthirsty in Sunset City!

But Bing Lan came in front of me and raised one hand, “You have already become an official Dragon Whisperer, but all your training will depend on yourself!”


System notification: You have completed your Job Change Quest and received the [Dragon Whisperer] ti

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