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Chapter 95: Ling Xue’s wound

The sun had just come up, so there wasn't a person in the appraiser shop. The appraiser was lying asleep on the table and he only opened his eyes when I came over, “Young man, what do you need?”

I immediately took out the three pieces of equipment and had him appraise them!

First was the white cleric robes. The appraiser was a bit surprised when he look at it before he casually said, “Appraisal fee, 300 gold coins!”

As expected, it was a Gold Item!

I took out 300 gold coins without any hesitation. The appraiser waved his hand and golden light immediately appeared from the robes.

[Mercy Plume] (Gold Equipment - Cloth Armour)

Defense: 80

Vitality: +18

Intelligence: +25

Additional: Increases user’s healing by 25%.

Required level: 45

Required gender: Female


It actually increased healing by 25%! This was definitely the best item for healing and its stats were also quite enticing!

But this cleric robe had quite the strange use condition. Not only did one have to be level 45, they had to be a female character. It seemed like as the equipment became higher level, there would be more requirements.

But I wasn’t worried, there was still a market for this cleric robe. After all, many girls who played the game chose to be clerics and after some time, the value of this cleric robe definitely wouldn’t drop!

I took it back, I’ll deal with it later. Perhaps I’ll sell it, perhaps I’ll give it to Purple Rhyme, it’ll depend on how I feel.

The second piece of equipment was the ring covered in purple light!

When that lazy appraiser saw the ring, it was like he was hit by lightning and he excitedly said, “This….This precious ring, I never thought that I would be blessed to see this kind of treasure!”

“Appraisal fee, 1000 gold coins!” The appraiser’s mouth wasn’t soft at all.

I revealed a faint smile. What I had now was gold coins, give, give!

With a flash of light, the ring bloomed with dazzling light. The amethyst on the stone kept releasing dazzling like and there was a beautiful phoenix pattern that was carved on it. There was an honest feeling that spread through my palm.

[Purple Wind Ring] (Dark Gold Equipment)

Vitality: +25

Strength: +20

Agility: +18

Additional: Increases swordsman’s skill attack power by 25%.

Required level: 45


I was stunned for a while. After looking for a few times, I finally confirmed that it was a Dark Gold Ring!

I immediately opened the equipment ranking and as expected, the Star Chasing Bow in first place had disappeared and now this Dark Gold Purple Wind Ring was now in first place!

Suddenly, I was a bit hesitant. Should I give this ring to Ling Xue?

Properly speaking, equipment of this level could be sold for a high price, but if I give it to Ling Xue, I wouldn’t owe her anything. Moreover, I remember her saying to me with her cute face before, “Could it be that you w

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