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Chapter 103: Star Eyes

As night fell, there was a ghostly wail that filled the tomb. There were fewer players leveling around and there were only a few people leveling at night like me. To these players, they probably thought that I was a level 40 knight. Only knights could wield long weapons like spears and a low level knight couldn’t kill these level 35 Hell Skeletons alone. After all, knights only had a strength growth rate of seven, they were a Job that had high HP and high defense.

I was only level 22 right now, so my defense and HP were quite limited. Not to mention that I was only wearing Dark Iron Equipment, which had quite pitiful stats, so I could only fight these level 35 monsters. It was a good thing that my attack was good, so the experience from killing monsters 13 levels higher gave rich experience.

In order to increase the exp of the Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers and the Ice Wind Thorn, I attacked with the spear the entire time. Like this, I could also slowly familiarize myself with using this spear. What made me happy was that the attack range of the spear was three yards, which was much stronger than the one yard attack range of the sword. This was the so-called length was strength, perhaps it could even be more flexible than a sword in the future.

But if I equipped a sword, I don’t know if I could still equip a spear. My current biggest hope was to reach level 45 and use the Dark Gold Roaring Flame Spear, I couldn’t sacrifice the attack power of the Roaring Flame Spear for a sword. Before Spirit of Grief was set, among the close range weapons, the dagger had the lowest attack but the fastest speed, the spear had the highest attack but the lowest speed. So equipping a spear meant I had to have several powerful instant attack skills, only by relying on these skills could I become a king!

In the darkness, I kept killing the monsters and felt that time passed quite quickly.

When it became four, I wiped the sweat off my head and looked at my experience. I was already level 24 and 99%!

I got quite a few pieces of equipment and gold and the Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers and the Ice Wind Thorn had reached medium level. I might not be able to increase them any more since I was just a Beginner Dragon Whisperer. I had to reach level 40 and change Jobs before I could get high level skills!

“Wu, wu……”

The skeleton carrying the rusted sword attacked and I swept out with the Bloodthirsty Spear with one hand!

“Pa, pa!”

With two hits, the Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers dealt close to three thousand points of damage. At the same time, there was a stun effect and the Hell Skeleton was frozen in place!

Using this, the Bloodthirsty Spear released a glow and the ice energy quickly spun around it. The attack was like a giant ice cone that created a large hole through the Hell Skeleton!



It was a critical hit! That Hell Skeleton gave a wail before slowly falling while drop

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