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Chapter 99: Starting from the beginning


Ling Xue’s anxious voice sounded, “Little fool, this is bad, we’ve been targeted by those Fated bastards. We’re by the south gate right now, quickly come over and I’ll give the Hero’s Proof to you!”

I immediately replied, “I’ll be there immediately!”

After saying this, I turned to Purple Rhyme, “We’re going to the south gate!”

Purple Rhyme gave a slight nod, “Un.”

Looking at the quest timer, there were only 12 minutes left!

If this quest failed, I might lose this golden chance to get a Hidden Job! This was something that I definitely couldn’t accept!

However, when I rushed to the south gate with Purple Rhyme, we found that it was already in chaos. The girls from Xue Yue were tightly surrounded, but they had good control and didn’t have red names!

I immediately killed a red name Fated assassin and I attracted the attention of the surrounding Fated players!

“Boss, Easily Angered Bookworm is here!” A thin person shouted.

Very soon, a berserker came out of the crowd. It was Fated Madman!

Fated Madman raised his hand and shouted in a proud voice, “Kill!”


A rain of arrows fell and Zi Yue who bore the brunt of the charge was instantly killed! Her eyes were wide open as she couldn’t understand what had just happened.

Ling Yue gritted her teeth and immediately brandished the Roaring Flame Staff.

But at this moment, four different assassins raised their daggers from the void and Ling Yue’s Flame Qi Shield was shattered with two hits. With the next two assassin hits, Ling Yue, the number one beautiful magician was instantly killed!

It was like Fated Madman had been waiting a long time as he wildly laughed, “Do you see this? Xue Yue’s number one expert is only at this level!”

I was filled with rage as I pulled back the Star Chasing Bow, sending out a Thousand Bladed Arrows. I killed the Fated magicians blocking my way and Ling Xue with Bing Cha charged out of the encirclement!

Quiet Rain Fall in the back silently killed another Fated magician with an ice arrow, but she was cut down and sent back to the city by three Fated berserkers!

Summer’s giant wolf was killed not long by an archer not long after it was summoned and Summer shouted, “You bunch of shameless bastards!”

As soon as her voice fell, Fated Madman brought his sword down to kill Summer!

Bing Cha cut down several assassins in front of her and her name turned red. Her eyes were confident as she faced the magicians in front of her. She knew that she couldn’t escape, so she said with a faith smile, “Ling Xue, Bookworm, fight on!”

“Pa, pa!”

With fireballs raining down, Bing Cha was killed!

Ling Xue gritted her teeth. She was still several yards away from me, but there were more than ten Fated players in front of us. Although I used the Star Chasing Bow to clear the way, an archer couldn’t beat berserkers with clerics pocketing them!



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