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Chapter 91: Chaotic final battle

Fated Madman said with a pleasantly surprised smile, “Success! All of you charge, take his life while he’s sick!”

There was an explosion of magic as the Ancient Ghost General’s long HP bar gradually began to fall. But according to this speed, it was impossible to finish without going for half an hour. It was unknown if this Fated group could even last half an hour, it was possible that this Delicate Rice Fragrance would be the final factor!

I was still stealthed. There was no player that could see through my stealth and the Ancient Ghost General was trapped by the Fated Group, so he didn’t have time to care about a human ant who had come in.

At this time, Ling Xue’s anxious voice came from the party channel, “Little fool, what is going on in there? Say something?”

I took a deep breath and said in a sunken voice, “There are several dozen Fated people here fighting the final boss, but it doesn’t seem good for them. Don’t come in for now, wait until they’re almost done and it won’t be too late for us to make a move!”

Ling Xue gave a soft laugh, “Alright, we’ll do it like this!”

But at this time, Ling Yue gave a surprised cry, “Yi? More people are coming and they seem to be from Fated?! We….What should we do?”

After that, the talk in the party channel was cut off. It was clear that Ling Yue’s group had met some kind of trouble!

At the same time, Fated Madman’s expression turned cold as he angrily said, “Che, the Xue Yue group is already at the sixth floor, enemies really do cross on a narrow path! Delicate Rice Fragrance, you lead these people to beat the boss! I will go out to take care of those beautiful girls from Xue Yue!”

Delicate Rice Fragrance hesitated a bit as she revealed a look of doubt on her beautiful face before she gave a slight nod.

Since Fated Madman wanted to go, I could only go with him!

The stealthed me immediately left the seventh floor and when I went past the light screen to enter the sixth floor, I saw the lights of magic appear in front of me. Ling Xue’s beautiful form was dancing among Fated, sending out Water Moon Slashes in the air, instantly killing several players with red names!

“Cha, cha!”

With two red glows, Ling Yue was being chased by two assassins. Her HP quickly fell to the bottom and her Flame Qi Shield was almost instantly shattered!


With a sacred glow, Ling Yue’s HP was instantly pulled up by Purple Rhyme, but there were several other assassins that approached like poisonous snakes!

I didn’t have time to think as I ran forward, sending out ice arrows while moving, hitting an assassin in the chest. That assassin’s HP had been half burnt by the Scarlet Flame Sea, so he was instantly killed and dropped potions on the ground!

I didn’t even spare a glance as I flew in front of my beautiful boss. The Glowing Dagger came out and I faced off with the assassin that came forward!

“Pa, pa!”

With these

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