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Chapter 93: Winding peaks and paths

Ling Xue stood there in a daze, as her beautiful eyes were filled with shock.

I immediately ordered, “Ling Xue, retreat from combat and return to the city! There’s nothing to do here!”

Ling Xue finally woke up from her daze and couldn’t help saying in a surprised voice, “This boss is too abnormal…..”

This was something that the entire world knew.

The Ancient Ghost General raised his giant sword high up again. It was unknown who his target was, but there was no doubt that whoever he attacked, they would be instantly killed!

The girls saw this scene and they all stood there in a daze.

I couldn’t help complaining: It’s over, it seems like I can only sacrifice myself…...


With a sound, a blue light flashed and the Ancient Ghost General was covered in a layer of frost. The ice arrow’s freezing effect decreased its speed, but when the Ancient Ghost General charged at me, I knew that it was just too fast. It surpassed me even when it was slowed down, so there was no hope of running!

Ling Xue cried out in shock, “Little fool, you don’t want to live?!”

I gave a bitter smile, “Quickly return to the city! Me dying alone is better than everyone dying!”

This time I decided to be the big man, since I was the only man in the Xue Yue Studio, so I had to act like a man and hold up Xue Yue. One of those things was sacrificing myself, although I very much disliked it.

Ling Xue and Purple Rhyme were very hesitant, but Ling Yue said with gritted teeth, “Bookwork, I really have to thank you this time!”

After saying this, Ling Yue turned and gave the order, “Everyone return to the city! Don’t worry about anything else!”

In the end, Ling Xue was very unwilling as she broke the City Return Scroll. The unwilling look in her eyes made me feel grateful.

“Shua, shua…..”

With several flashes of white light, the girls safely returned to Sunset City. As for me, I was left facing a super Dark Gold Boss alone!

The Ancient Ghost General roared in rage, as his eyes filled with despise towards a small existence like me!


The wind coming from the giant sword seemed like it could distort space itself!

I gritted my teeth and didn’t have time to avoid it, so I used the Glowing Dagger to block it!


With a crisp sound, the Glowing Dagger was shattered and I thrown high up as I was ripped apart!


Combat notification: You have been hit by the Ancient Ghost General and have lost 7240 HP! You have died!

After that, there was another sound.


System notification: Prepared Resurrection has activated and you have been revived on the spot without a single loss!



I slammed down on the ground. Although I had been revived, I wasn’t far from my next death.

So I closed my eyes to wait for death as the Ancient Ghost General’s roar of rage reverberated in my ears.

Time passed bit by bit, but I d

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