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Chapter 101: Bloodthirsty Spear

When I came back to Wicked Wolf Peak, I was much more careful. I no longer dared to hold a weapon and while Ling Xue dragged a Sword Wolf over while laughing, she beat it a few times before ignoring it and going to find another wolf. That Sword Wolf with a sliver of health bit at the back of the beauty and I followed behind that Sword Wolf, brandishing my weak little fist at it!

With the howl from the wolf, this Sword Wolf fell and I reached level 12. But to be safe, I didn’t add in my stat points and maintained the same amount of attack, as I kept grinding out more experience.

As my level increased, I gained less and less experience. It took me two wolves before I reached level 13 and I had to kill more than ten of them to reach level 14.

It was a good thing that Ling Xue was patient, not caring about her time as she helped me level, not taking a sliver of experience.

Finally, after an hour, I reached level 15 and I equipped the Golden Bow. I added all my stat points into strength and my stats greatly changed.

Easily Angered Bookworm (Beginner Dragon Whisperer)

Level: 15

HP: 900

Attack: 175-240

Defense: 55

Prestige: 14541

Luck: 0


As expected, my attack at level fifteen already reached 240 and my defense was also much higher. It had to be known, I didn’t have a single piece of armour right now, I was just wearing clothes without any defense at all!

Ling Xue saw my appearance and couldn’t help saying with a smile, “Come over, I’ll give you some equipment!”

After saying this, she opened the trade window and put five pieces of equipment in.

[Wild Bear Armour] (Black Iron - Armour)

Defense: 45

Strength: +5

Required Level: 20

[Wild Bear Leg Armour] (Black Iron - Armour)

Defense: 35

Strength: +4

Required Level: 20

[Wild Bear Bracers] (Black Iron - Armour)

Defense: 38

Strength: +3

Required Level: 20

[Wild Bear Helmet] (Black Iron - Armour)

Defense: 35

Strength: +5

Required Level: 20

[Wild Bear Battle Boots] (Black Iron - Armour)

Defense: 40

Strength: +4

Required Level: 20

Set Effect: Increases user defense by 2%


It was actually a set of Black Iron Equipment!

I was a bit surprised, “Ling Xue, where did you buy these things?”

Ling Xue said with a smile, “I commissioned them, there was a set of armour there. Although this is a Black Iron Set, I believe that you can level alone once you wear this set. Eh, for now I can only buy this much and now I won’t have any spending money for the summer, so I’ll have to look for you later……”

I couldn’t help feeling a bit emotional, but I didn’t reveal anything. I just said with a smile, “There’s no problem, I’ll take care of Ling Xue’s meals in the future…..”

“But, my standards for meals are quite high~” Ling Xue said with a smile.

“It can’t be…..shark fin soup every meal, right?”

“No, you can’t eat

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