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Chapter 113: Mysterious girl

Ten minutes later, I rushed to the south of Sunset City. I opened the map and found the position of the weapon shop, directly heading there.

On the side of the road, a couple looked at me and the girl said, “Look at how handsome that person’s black armour is! Then look at you, you look like a nanny!”

The man was a cleric, so he said in an aggrieved voice, “You said that your chest was too small, so I chose the nanny Job to make up for you and now you’re blaming me!”

The girl flipped out and said in a spoiled voice, “Keep talking, when did I say I was small! Humph! No matter what you say, you won’t get anything tonight!”

I broke out in a cold sweat when I heard this, what a valiant girl!

Coming behind the weapon shop, I saw a furnace burning and two barebacked blacksmiths hitting their iron, as the sweat dripped down their strong muscles.

At this time, there was an old man in rags and using a cane that came over. He begged one of the blacksmiths, “Master, please give me something to eat! It’s already been two days since I’ve last eaten…..”

The blacksmith raised a thick brow and said, “Go, go, go! Do you have any copper? If not, go away!”

The old man’s face turned dark and he leaned against a tree on the side, giving a long sigh. There was a name above the old man’s head that said: “Wandering Poet Darwin”!

Wasn’t this who I was looking for?

I was filled with joy and immediately came over to say to the wandering poet, “Are you…...Master Hidden Dragon?”

The wandering poet was surprised. He looked at me and said in a weak voice, “Little brother, can you give me something to eat?”

“Eat?” I was surprised. I had potions that one could drink, but I’ve never heard of food before, so I asked, “Where is the food, I’ll get some for you!”

The wandering poet swallowed his saliva before saying, “The west side’s widow Wang has opened a new chicken store. Can you buy me some roasted chicken?”

I nodded and immediately turned to leave. I came to the west street and after going around a few bends, I found a store that was overflowing with fragrance. I came forward and said, “I want to buy your things!”

The boss lady said with a smile, “What does this customer want to buy, please choose for yourself!”

After saying this, there was a list that opened in my system’s interface.

[Wild Wolf Meat Bun]: 10 gold coins.

[Roasted Chicken]: 100 gold coins.

[Yellow Fish Soup]: 200 gold coins.


Damn, a roasted chicken actually cost 100 gold coins, this quest really did make me bleed!

I looked at my inventory, I still had 2200 gold coins. I earned quite a bit from killing mobs these days and now the exchange rate for gold coins was dropping as players leveled up, so now it was only 2.5 RMB per 1 gold coin, so I was too lazy to exchange them. It was better to sell equipment, earning gold coins for money was too low level, it was hard work for a small studio.

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