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Chapter 94: Dragon’s Proof

All the way until four in the morning, I kept sending attacks at the Ancient Ghost General. The most depressing thing was that a Dark Gold Boss’ recovery speed really was too fast, but it was a good thing my armour piercing arrow’s attack wasn’t weak. If it was any other archer, they might not deal as much damage as the boss could recover!

Even when Dragon Soul and Heavenly Punisher logged off to sleep, when there were the lowest amount of players online, what could be imagined was that Fated Madman definitely had people guarding the sixth floor of the Ancient Ghost Temple. Once the seventh floor opened, he would definitely come in! But, Fated Madman never would have imagined that I was still in here!

When it was five in the morning and the entrance was about to open, there was only a sliver left of the Ancient Ghost General’s HP!

I looked in my bag, I didn’t have much many more potions and I didn’t even have that many arrows left!

At this time, a system notification rang.


System notification: The strange energy is disappearing and the entrance to the seventh floor is opening!


I was a bit surprised and kept complaining. At this time, there were human figures by the entrance in the distance, Fated Madman and Fated Bloodthirster had come together with a large group of Fated players!

“Big brother, perhaps this boss will drop a Guild Establishment Token! Then we would biome rich! The first guild would definitely get most of Sunset City’s players, our Fated will become the number one guild in the world!” Fated Bloodthirster said in a very proud voice.

Fated Madman said, “Not bad, not bad, father wants to see how Easily Angered Bookworm and Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon will go against Fated in the end!

When the other side were about to appear, I was complaining in my heart. I tightly held the Star Chasing Bow in my hand and a cold glow flew out, hitting the nape of the Ancient Ghost General’s neck.


A critical hit!

What made me happier was that the Ancient Ghost General’s small mountain sized body fell down and a pile of gold coins and sparkling equipment fell to the ground.


System notification: Congratulations, you have killed the Dark Gold Boss Ancient Ghost General. You have received 2500000 experience and 5000 prestige!


System notification: Congratulations on leveling up!


I didn’t hesitate to jump off the lamp and fell face first without thinking, getting all bruised up, but that didn’t matter. I quickly drank an HP potion before charging towards the boss’ corpse!

Gold coins! Gold coins!!

To its gold coins!

There was no time to pick it up, the equipment came first!

There was a white cleric robe, a golden sparkling spear, and a purple glowing ring that looked quite good.

But what surprised me the most was that other than these three pieces of equipment, the Ancient Ghost

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