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Chapter 105: The love of the seas

Ha, ha, I got to level 30 in one day!

The reason it was so quick was because Ling Xue brought me through the difficult beginning and gave me good equipment. Adding in the fact that there was the abnormal strength growth rate of the Dragon Whisperer, allowing me to always fight monsters that were ten levels stronger, it would be strange if I didn’t level up quickly.

At this time, Great Priest Ronin grabbed the silver comb as his face filled with longing. In the end, he turned to look at me and said, “Young warrior, can you…..accept my request?”

I was a bit surprised. What a joke, this great priest NPC whose level I couldn’t see, he was at least level 70! What kind of request did this kind of broken person have of me?

So I said in a respectful voice, “Speak!”


System notification: You have accepted the quest [Explore the ruins]! (Current difficulty: 320)

Quest details: Talk to Great Priest Ronin and then bring him to the dark ruins.


It seems like I needed to talk to continue the quest. After thinking about it, I said forget it and logged off to sleep. It isn’t too late to talk to him after logging back on since Sunset City was around an hour away from the ruins. Who knows where I would have to go, it wouldn’t be too late to finish this quest after resting my mind!

So I left the NPC there and logged off!

Taking off the helmet, I was very tired. When I opened the door, I saw a piece of bread on the table and a note beside it, “Sleep after you eat your fill, otherwise it’s bad for your stomach.”

I revealed a faint smile. I recognize this writing, it was definitely from Ling Xue. When I met her the first time, the writing on the letter from her was like this, it was very delicate!

Opening the fridge, I poured a cup of yogurt and then ate the bread.

After I finished, I was around 30% full. It was good enough, so I rubbed my belly and went back to my room to sleep.


I slept all the way until evening and it was already dark when I opened my eyes.

The city at night was still very busy and people kept walking by. There were lovers wandering around which was quite enviable.

I let out a sigh, “When can I also……”

Thinking about it, it might be soon.

When I came out, Ling Yue, Ling Xue, and the other girls were waiting. Dinner was quite rich, it was said to come from restaurants of respective regions.

Summer asked, “Bookworm, I can’t even see a trace of you. Want to level together tonight?”

I shook my head and said with a smile, “No need, I need to close up for a week. After a week, I’ll strive for the Chinese top rankings once again!”

Ling Yue said with a smile, “That’s for the best! Our Xue Yue can’t lack a master like you. Otherwise, with just Zi Yue and Summer, we can’t hold on!”

Zi Yue and Summer immediately pursed their lips.

I asked with a smile, “I never felt right asking, but why…..are two noobs li

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