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Chapter 109: Blood Sucking Ring

“Pa, pa!”

The Bloodthirsty Spear attacked twice with a red glow, making the Tomb Guard tremble. It dealt 546 and 621 damage at the same time, so it was considered alright.

The Tomb Guard attacked very quickly and it attacked when I retreated. I couldn’t avoid it in time and was hit with a slash, losing more than five hundred HP!

I gritted my teeth and immediately reversed the Bloodthirsty Spear, sending out an Ice Wind Thorn. The ice danced and the Tomb Guard suddenly trembled as tiny bits of ice crystals congealed on it as its movement speed dropped by 62.5%. Of course, the reason for this number was because the 50% drop of the Ice Wind Thorn with the Frozen Heart was increased by 25%!

The decrease in movement speed only lasted 15 seconds, so I kept retreating while healing p and taking out the Star Chasing Bow, sending out the armour piercing arrows. When the Tomb Guard recovered from the frost, I changed to the Bloodthirsty Spear to release the Ice Wind Thorn. By continuing like this, I minimized my loss!

It took me close to five minutes to take care of this Elite Monster that was hard to finish. My experience suddenly increased by 2% and although this Tomb Guard didn’t drop equipment, it gave me ten gold coins!

I was feeling pleased as I picked up the gold coins. Looking over, there was another Tomb Guard that was charging over with his sword!


There was pain that came from my chest as I was sent flying, hitting the wall and losing close to a thousand HP!

I was a bit surprised. But then I realized that the Tomb Guard was an Elite Monster and it was level 55, so its attack had been increased by quite a bit, it was no wonder it could take this much HP from me!


With a soft sound, the Bloodthirsty Spear released ice flowers like a dragon jumping out of the sea, suddenly hitting the Tomb Guard’s chest, but I never thought that there would be a “miss” that would appear above the Tomb Guard’s head!

I was shocked. Damn, isn’t this too much of a joke?

“Chi la!”

There was pain in my arm as the attack from the Tomb Guard actually threw me out of the tomb!

When I looked again, my HP had already been reduced to less than 1000. I quickly swallowed a health potion and used a heal on myself, only adding a pitiful “152” HP to myself. Compared to the heals from Purple Rhyme, it really was far from being able to compare!

But at a critical moment, even a bit of HP was good. After all, there was a cooldown for using potions and I couldn’t keep drinking potions without end, so it was good to add even a little bit!

“Jie, jie!”

There was a terrifying roar that came out and the Tomb Guard had followed me out. Before it could attack, I attacked first and released an Ice Wind Thorn!


With more ice, this Ice Wind Thorn worked and the Tomb Guard was slowed down by the ice!

I quickly retreated and sent out the armour piercing arrows,

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