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Chapter 68: Ling Yue’s tears

Like this, the surrounding players saw me and Ling Xue’s powerful attacks and adding in the number one female mage Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon, Bing Cha, Rain Fall, and the others behind us who were’t easy to bully, their courage ran out and not another person dared come forward.

After a few minutes, we had already entered Sunset City. Entering the city again and seeing the guards’ friendly looks, I felt like the world was at peace.

After entering the city, Ling Yue was also relieved. She said with a smile, “Quickly go and complete your quest!”

The forgotten soldiers that we brought moved to the center of the city on their own, walking towards Sunset City’s royal palace. Not long passed before a NPC military officer came out and excitedly said, “Lost warriors, you’re finally home! I represent his majesty to pay tribute to your unyielding courage!”

The forgotten army’s officer wearing tattered armour said, “Yes sir! Only if we didn’t have the help of these two adventurers, we might have not escaped from the hands of those undead.”

The NPC officer was a bit surprised before he said to Ling Xue and I with a smile, “Brave adventurers, thank you for your contributions to the Sunset Kingdom. I will give you rich rewards!”

After a bit of chit chat, it was finally time for the rewards.


System notification: Your party has completed the quest [Forgotten Heart]. You have gained 350000 experience, 200 gold coins, and 500 prestige. You have obtained the quest reward [Lost Necklace]!

I was a bit stunned. I quickly opened my inventory and looked at the silver necklace silently sitting in the corner.

[Lost Necklace] (Silver Equipment - Necklace)

Strength: +16

Agility: +14

Added effect: Increase the user’s attack speed by 5%.

I was pleasantly surprised. An attack speed increase of 5%, wasn’t this just what I needed?

The other archers added their stats into agility, increasing their attack speed, making their arrows like a machine gun. As for me adding it into strength, I couldn’t keep up in attack speed and my arrows were like an old man pushing a cart, going one after the other. Now that there was the 5% increase from the Lost Necklace, it was a large increase for me!

To my side, Ling Xue revealed a sweet smile, looking completely satisfied.

I couldn’t help asking with a smile, “Ling Xue, what kind of item did you get that made you this happy?”

Ling Xue giggled and immediately shared an item in the party chat.

[Water Moon Cut] (Skill Book): Uses water attributed battle energy to sent out a crescent moon energy light blade, dealing a forced attack with 120%-150% damage to all surrounding enemies. The effects increase with the level. Requires being a level 40 swordsman to use.

Instantly my mind went blank. This skill was just too overbearing, even being at the low level had a maximum of 150%. Moreover, it was a small range AoE attack!

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