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Chapter 53: A single leaf

Wanting to level fast, then I had to kill those undead monsters that were higher level and were manageable. So, I picked the level 45 Skeleton Demons deep within the cemetery. This monster’s HP and speed were not good, so it was very suited to being killed by my Thousand Bladed Arrows.

When I entered the cemetery, I found that the monsters that I killed this morning had been respawned and were limping across the cemetery in front of me.

So I skillfully pulled them in and then used the Thousand Bladed Arrows to kill them all.

After getting the Star Chasing Bow, killing monsters was a very fun thing to do. That sensation of seeing my experience bar rise so easily was very satisfying.

After half an hour, a large group of Skeleton Demons had been converted into experience for me. I had gone for level 38 and 53% to level 38 and 68%, so the speed of killing monsters was considered fine.

At this time, I was filled with a bit of regret because I should have brought someone with my to pick up the gold coins and equipment. Like this, I could focus on killing monsters and did not need to waste time picking things up.

However, I was still not willing to give up these gold coins and equipments. So after spending half an hour focused on killing monsters, I still spent five minutes picking up all the drops.

When I finished off my second batch of monsters, Ling Xue had logged on.

I immediately pulled monsters while sending her a message, “Do you need leveling?”

Ling Xue quickly replied, “I don’t need it right now. Little fool, focus on reaching level 40 and become an official archer!”

I smiled and replied, “Ling Xue is truly understanding…..”

Ling Xue immediately said, “Well, when you reach level 40, use the high level Thousand Bladed Arrows to bring me to level 40!”

I was speechless. At this time, Purple Rhyme also sent me a message, “You level so fast!”

I replied, “How so! What are you doing?”

Purple Rhyme said, “Ghost Fire is using the Black Dragon Wave to kill monsters and I’m healing him. We’re also leveling quite fast!”

I smiled and then continued leveling.

With this pure killing of monsters, under the help of my Star Chasing Bow, my level quickly increased. I was already level 39 when it was 9pm and I gained another 20% the following hour. Like this, I could reach level 40 by 1 am!

Now I just had to pray to the heavens that old foreigner leveled slower than me!

The other girls in the studio had formed a party to level. Bing Cha and Quiet Rain Fall were relatively higher level, so they occupied the leveling ground. The other four girls were on a small hill, not letting anyone approach.

As for Ling Yue and Ling Xue, the two beautiful sisters went off to kill monsters together. It was estimated that all the players that saw them killing monsters would go crazy, after all, Ling Yue and Ling Xue were both rare beauties. Moreover, the two girls were exact

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