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Chapter 64: Killing Intent From the Crotch

No wonder Fated Bloodthirster could instantly take out more than 600 of my HP with one attack, he actually had a level 30 Silver Dagger. Weapons of this level were very rare and perhaps it was already in the weapon ranking top fifty. I really don’t know how much Fated Bloodthirster had spent on it and he must be heartbroken now that he dropped it!

So, I placed the dagger into my inventory. I could sell I went back or I could even take it out to tease Zi Yue with. From what I knew, the dagger Zi Yue had was a Bronze Dagger and this Silver Dagger should be enough to make that little girl drool over it.

Then I looked over the potions Fated Bloodthirster’s group dropped. The high level potions were kept and those potions that could only restore 100 HP each time weren’t needed, after all, I don’t have that many inventory spaces.

After taking care of the assassins Fated sent, I did not dare be negligent and carefully moved deeper into the forest. I killed the Green Eyed Demons along the way to clear my red name, that way I wouldn’t waste too much time like this.

The evil aura became stronger deeper in the Forgotten Valley. Very soon, I stepped onto a patch of corroded ground. In this wilderness, there were a few skeleton soldiers holding bone shields and blunt swords walking around.

When I wanted to move forward, I suddenly had a bad feeling. There were faint fluctuations of magic around me, as if someone was casting magic!


I quickly took several steps back and with a flash, a streak of lightning fell down where I had just been standing!

“Who is it? Come out!”

I loudly shouted as my eyes swept over the forest. The ambusher must be hiding somewhere within it!

At this time, three magicians slowly walked out, they unexpectedly all had Bronze Equipment!

I couldn’t help taking in a cold breath. Killing Intent From the Crotch, level 36 magician, Jumping Into a Widow’s Window at Night, level 35 magician, How About We Go to Bed, level 36 magician!

These people were true peak masters!

At least these people could be in the top twenty on the Sunset City level rankings, or even higher.

I couldn’t help coming with an idea as I smiled and said, “Three friends, we don’t have any grudges between us, so why?”

Killing Intent From the Crotch gave a cold laugh and said, “Don’t feign ignorance. That bow in your hand, isn’t it the number one Star Chasing Bow from the equipment rankings?”

My heart turned cold. It’s over, there was nothing good coming!

So I raised my Star Chasing Bow and said with smile, “What if it is and what if it isn’t?”

Jumping Into a Widow’s Window at Night said with a cold laugh, “Whether it is or isn’t, you must die here today!”

My face sunk as I said, “You are people from Fated?”

“We aren’t!”

“Then what do you mean by this?”

Killing Intent From the Crotch laughed as he raised his staff and said, “We aren’t sat

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