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Chapter 63: Desperate situation

Human figures shook as the seven-eight Fated assassin players gathered. They move at the same time with a tacit understanding, entering a stealth state.

I couldn’t help having a chill run down my back. Assassins were killers hidden in the dark and they couldn’t be underestimated unless one wanted to pay a painful price!

So, without another word, I held my Star Chasing Bow as I directly walked on a small path through the cemetery to the forest.

Behind me, a large group of Fated Players appeared, as well as countless Sunset City experts who can to join in the red name trapping.

Behind the Hero Memorial Park was a length of ancient mountains. When I entered this map, I suddenly received a system prompt.

System Prompt: You have entered the Dark Army’s map, Forgotten Valley. Killing players here does not increase one’s sin value!

I was a bit stunned. The legendary news was true, «Spirit of Grief» was split in half in terms of maps. One half belonged to the Divine Light Clan and the other half belonged to the Dark Army. However, I never thought that players entering the Dark Army maps would be able to kill without penalty!

When I stepped into the Forgotten Valley, I had a feeling that I was surrounded by danger and I was in danger of being killed at any second!

However, behind him was the wolf like Fated players and all those self righteous people. I didn’t know how many assassins there were behind me, so I couldn’t stop at all!

But, the only good thing about the Forgotten Valley was that killing people wouldn’t increase my sin value. This also meant that I could play this death game with those arrogant people from Fated in this place.

Forgotten Valley, a spacious area that was filled with a lush forest. Of course, the Light Clan’s people living in peace had already forgotten about this place, they couldn’t remember the countless beings living in the dark.

Without walking far, I saw a group of axe wielding monsters appearing in front of me. They were completely black skinned like they had been burnt and their green eyes filled one with panic. Moreover, there was a pair of small wings on their backs.

[Green Eyed Devils] (Enhanced Monsters)

Level: 45

Attack: 320-450

Defense: 100

HP: 8000

Attack type: Throwing…..

I did not even have time to dodge before a Green Eyed Devil suddenly threw its axe at me!


With a pain from from my chest, I had already lost 600 HP!

I was a bit shocked. An archer’s defense really was god damn lacking!

Quickly using potions, I sent an Armour Piercing Arrow out right after. In no time, the Green Eyed Devil lost 1546 points of HP!

Even like this, it was not easy for me to deal with an Enhanced Monster, especially one with an annoying throwing attack. It was lucky that I was a thick skinned archer, otherwise if it was a fragile little mage like Ling Yue, she would have been killed by the Green Eyed

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