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Chapter 81: Enemies meeting on a narrow road

While speaking, large amounts of Sword Flame players appeared on the edge of the forest, facing the far away Bloodthirsty Players. Moreover, there were Sword Flame and Bloodthirsty players kept coming. They charged into the entrance of the Forgotten Valley and countless players fell on the way there.

I quickly escaped the Bloodthirsty players chasing me and arrived in front of Ling Yue’s group.

In the end, Bloodthirsty World came forward wielding his sword and said to Sword Flame Dragon Soul, “Brother Dragon Soul, this is a fight between our Bloodthirsty and Xue Yue, why is your Sword Flame joining in? If you immediately leave with your Sword Flame brothers, I, Bloodthirsty World promise we will not stop you.”

Dragon Soul said while laughing, “Bloodthirsty World, after not seeing each other in a few days, this old brother seems much more aggressive! It can’t be, do you think your Bloodthirsty already rules Sunset City?”

Bloodthirsty World’s face didn’t turn red in shame as he said, “That’s right. Battle Soul Defying Heaven has already taken Battle Soul to a second rate main city to develop. Right now, there is only our Bloodthirsty that can sweep across the world!”

Dragon Soul couldn’t help laughing, waving the sword in his hand. He loudly said, “Since it’s like this, how about you sweep through our Sword Flame first before saying anything!”

Bloodthirsty World angrily said, “Humph! You don’t want the face given to you……”

Dragon Soul knit his brows, “Fuck you, what thing are you! When did a bunch of jumping clowns like you become a professional team, have you even seen yourselves! Brothers, enemies meet on a narrow path, extinguish those Bloodthirsty and Fated bastards for me!”

The negotiations collapsed and both sides immediately drew their weapons!

A large group of Sword Flame swordsmen charged forward while mages shot out fireballs from a distance. On first contact, there were several Bloodthirsty players who were instantly killed!

Ling Yue began chanting and the moment she brandished the Roaring Flame Staff, a flame dragon charged into the Bloodthirsty camp, instantly killing several players! After that, it was the blazing Scarlet Flame Sea, burning a few more players to death. Instantly, countless potions and pieces of equipment were dropped!

I wasn’t idle, directly using a High Grade Thousand Bladed Arrows to kill the enemies in front. Not far behind me was Purple Rhyme focused on healing me, it could be considered focused care.

To my side was Bing Cha. Bing Cha had an ice cold face right now, as she raised the Silver Sword in her hand, charging into the enemy lines unimpeded.

The Thousand Bladed Arrows were quite overwhelming, taking away a third of people’s health each time it was used and it was quite irritating that it was being used every five seconds. The Bloodthirsty swordsmen didn’t even know what had happened when a large group of

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