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Chapter 55: The first night living together with beautiful women

I quickly looked at the skill books the system awarded me.

[Dodge]: There is a certain chance of dodging an enemy’s physical attack. The effect is determined by the skill level. Requires being a level 40 archer to learn!

Without saying anything else, I directly learned the skill. What a joke, when an archer fought with a close combat Job, this skill would play a critical role!

At this time, Ling Xue had already sent me a message, “Little fool, you really aren’t bad!”

In less than a second, Purple Rhyme, Sword Flame Dragon Soul, Sword Flame Heavenly Punisher, and Sword Flame Ghost Fire all sent congratulatory messages, but the one I cared about the most was the one from Ling Yue, “Immediately log off, we’re celebrating!”

I was a bit at a loss, but I still took off the helmet. At this time, it was already two am.

When I walked out the door, I saw Ling Yue wearing a set of indigo pyjamas walking into the room. There was a joyful smile on her beautiful face as she rushed forward and gave me a heated hug. In an excited voice, she said, “Bookworm! You really are the first one promoted, you are simply the pride of our Xue Yue Studio!”

I was only wearing a shirt, so I could feel the soft feeling of a young girl’s peaks coming from my chest and that feeling made me go wild! Ling Yue’s faint young girl fragrance drifted out and immediately, she realized that she was being improper. She immediately let go of me with a red face and fixed her clothes before revealing a calm expression.

However, the other girls of the studios also came in. It seemed like they were all holding back their laughter.

Ling Yue bit her lips before revealing a smile and saying, “I only need to level for another two hours to be promoted, I’m going to level!”

After saying this, she ran back into her room. I immediately asked, “Weren’t we going to celebrate?”

A voice came from Ling Yue’s room, “Have Bing Cha cook some instant noodles for you and add an egg! That will be considered your reward!”

I was very speechless. Bing Cha said with a smile, “Bookworm, do you need instant noodles?”

I shook my head with a faint smile, “No need, my instant noodle making skills are at their peak!”

Bing Cha stretched her charming body and sat down in front of me. With a smile she said, “It’s like this. Then why don’t you make me some instant noodles? Anyway, I’m still far from level 40 and I’m not in a rush to level~~”

I thought about it and replied with a smile, “Alright, wait for a bit!”

Instant noodles was one of the necessities of a studio, so I easily found it. I put in two bags and also cracked in two eggs. After a while, a fragrant scent filled the air. Although it wasn’t a delicacy, but it was currently the middle of the night, so naturally instant noodles became a delicacy.

I carried two bowls to the table and sat down in front of Bing Cha. Breaking the chops

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